"Head of Russia" Corrected Constitution at a Meeting of Bishop’s Council

"The head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin urged to get rid of primitive understanding of bon ton and to give church chance to support families and to bring up children. He made such statement at a meeting with participants of the Hierarchal cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church", - semi-official "Vesty" reported. Having been already trained, as in the great days of old, to guess bends of a state policy judging from the smallest details of official information, we pricked up ears: for the first time Putin is called not "the president", not "the national leader" and even not “the head of state", but the Head of the Russian Federation. Simply and meaningful.

"Depening of co-working, partnership of the state and all traditional faiths is especially demanded today. Keeping secular character of our state, not allowing nationalization of church life, we have to finish with vulgar, primitive understanding of bon ton," — Putin told.

It appears that secular character of the state is understood vulgarly and primitively, isn’t it? It’s interesting by whom?

Constitution of the Russian Federation, article 14:

1. The Russian Federation - the secular state. No religion can be established as state or obligatory.

2. Religious associations are separated from the state and are equal before the law.

How is it possible to understand vulgarly or primitively? Though if it is possible in our country "not to understand" simple for understanding article 31 granting the right to gather on the street freely, certainly, we, citizens, as always understand everything wrongly. Silly, vulgar and primitive citizens. Sheeple in a word. While Putin is the head of the Russian Federation.

Though the word "co-working" made my ears tingle first of all – it’s obviously not from vocabulary of the Protocol Department of Presidential Administration. Co-working, azymes... Whose co-working? Of the religious associations which are separated by special article of the Constitution from the state? If they are separated, how they can co-work? It’s somehow very close to Byzantine "symphony", up a stage of mixture of concepts.

That it would be more clear Putin added that the Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional religious organizations "should have all opportunities for full service in such major spheres as family support and motherhood, bringing up and education of children, youth policy, solution of social problems which we have in abundance, strengthening of patriotic spirit of the Armed forces".

Does he want jam on it? Especially about bringing up and education - the Constitution by article 43 guarantees that "the Russian Federation establishes federal state educational standards". Where could religious organizations nose in here, into uniform state standards?

Putin speaks about IDL when talking about strengthening of patriotic spirit in Armed forces I believe? Or what patriotic spirit will bring up, say, Judaism? Or he is talking about Caliphate army as annex to Moslem? Well, Catholic Christians should be annexed to Vatican?

One more question - what does the notion "traditional religious organizations" mean not in banal, vulgar and primitive meaning, but in the light of equality of all faiths, not of just mysterious "traditional" fixed in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. That is all are equal, while "traditional" are more equal?

Say, Judaism when they make genital mutilation to little boys and don't allow to eat pork – is absolutely not traditional to me. Or Islam – if I bring home one more woman, what my wife will tell me? I think, something not quite traditional for orthodox ear.

Well, why do they consider voodoo or Siberian shamanism not traditional? I think Mormons consider traditional not the same things as Buddhists. Or Buddhists in Russia are "traditional", while Mormons - not? As for me, they are equal...

Besides, what could be done with the fact that no religion can be established as obligatory or state? Let’s imagine that young man comes to the Russian army, there - the orthodox priest instead of deputy chief for political indoctrination. Or young inexperienced employee of the Presidential Administration comes into local canteen and asks for kharcho and chicken Kiev... While here you are – Great Fast! I think, he won’t stay on monarchic service for long. I keep silent about free and secular Chechen republic - there not vulgar and not primitive understanding of bon ton has already reached unprecedented heights.

Putin saw moral support in it, as well as "wise spiritual mentoring and support" which the Russians need.

Hmm! For example, I don't need. I need observance of the Constitution more and I wish bourgeois parliamentarism as it’s stated in this constitution. Let’s start from simple, while spiritual guidance and co-working let’s leave for quieter and happier times.

I have such feeling that saying “we" Putin actually means “we, by the will of God, autocrat of all Russia”. Or I am mistaken and “the head of the Russian Federation” casually dropped in semi-official organ means nothing and "the Head of Russia" is the same that "the head of the state" in not vulgar and not primitive reading?

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk