The Duma Adopted Law on Mockery over the Smokers

The State Duma forbade to smoke in restaurants, entrance halls and even in long-distance trains, having adopted on Tuesday in the last, third reading rigid "antismoking" law. The law which officially is called "About Health Protection of Citizens from Influence of Surrounding Tobacco Smoke and Consequences of Tobacco Consumption" was adopted almost unanimously: 441 deputies from 450 voted pro, only one was contra.

In addition to a ban which already operate following the law of 2001 "About Restriction of Tobacco Smoking” starting from the beginning of this summer smoking in the territory of transport infrastructure — except platforms, in apartment houses, on beaches and workplaces - will be completely forbidden in Russia.

Since the beginning of summer of 2014 it will be forbidden to smoke in restaurants, bars and cafe, in hotels, in long-distance trains and on overseas ships and in other places.

The main Duma enthusiast of fight against smoking, the vice-chairman of Healthcare Committee Nikolay Gerasimenko hopes that share of smokers among the Russians will decrease twice in about 15-20 years thanks to a new ban and antismoking promotion.


From editorial board: In fact drug addiction isn't treated by ban. While smoking is drug addiction. Strange ban not to smoke, say, on overseas ships is simple mockery and nothing more. It’s all the same to people if someone smokes onboard or not, while a smoking person will have withdrawals lasting several days... After all it was the state which made him smoke.

In our country tobacco products are exclusively monopoly and the state has enormous profits from these monopolies, it doesn’t even think of refusing from them. That is with one hand the state twists cigarettes to citizens and with other – scoffs at the smokers in every possible way. Whether someone will start smoking less because it couldn’t be done now where he wants, but it’s necessary now to hide somewhere behind garbage tanks? No, he will hide behind garbage tanks - and smoke! Probably, he will do even more.

I even think that the state fight against smoking aims not to reduce, but to increase tobacco sales! Smokers will now buy cigarettes wholesale as it is terrible to stay without habitual drug because it’s forbidden to sell sigarettes in certain places. The smokers will start oversmoking themselves before going to work to endure the need to abstain during the way to work. The more so they will “relieve their feelings” in the evening.

As to the non-smokers – what they have to do with it? I don't smoke and I don’t mind if someone smokes in my society, desire to smoke doesn’t appear. It’s like with homosexuality promotion – there’s no sense to propagandize it among people with habitual orientation... On the other hand it doesn't disturb much – here you are – you can see advertisement of the tights at every turn, but I have no desire to pull them on. Or you can see making love dogs outside, but one doesn’t have the desire to do the same with them. So I don’t see any psychological reasons for ban. While desire to sell "forbidden fruit" at better price is present.

Well, what could be done with it - capitalism. Here even behind the sermon in church you can see hidden box for donations and a booth for sale of candles, though the founder didn't approve trade in the church. The same here - someone's mercenary interest is surely behind the law on protection against smoking.

They should adopt the law on onanism ban. Though I think that legislative activity in the Duma would stop at once...

ánatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk