FORUM.msk Works Again, Fascism Also Hasn’t Disappeared

So, as you can see, FORUM.msk starts working since early morning on March, 20. Unfortunately, with some withdrawals: all materials and comments to them published in March, 19th remained on the blocked by the German provider server Hetzner Online AG. It is curious that we still pay for this "service". Hetzner has one condition - to clean content of FORUM.msk – condition which we never agree with even on request of the Russian authorities, so, the Germans could forget about it...

We will later restore materials without Hetzner, thought the comments of readers will suffer... As well as reputation of "free" Germany too, it won't be possible to restore and clean it.

The conflict turned out to be much more powerful, than the problem of relations of the provider with Internet resource. Though it’ is also strange: large, known national resource in Russia falls victim of arbitrariness from the part of some clerks of the German company – I feel myself a kind of Ubermensch, as though Adolf Hitler didn't die, he is still alive and feels himself good in each cell of the European Union. Though it would seem - provider... It’s like your receiver would began to dictate you what to say and demand "to mind a tongue".

The whole supporting campaign on the occasion of shutdown of FORUM.msk was carried out in Rune - thanks to all! Some network mass media responded also. "Free Press" took the whole interview, I will give here a fragment not to repeat myself:

– We placed Alexander Maysuryan's material in January. The article is completely about Putin. The Germans have formal cavil. The author quotes leaders of "The Third Reich". But in a negative key. The article is completely anti-fascist, but there’s in Germany law on prohibition of formal mention of figures of Nazi mode.

While situation isn’t casual on its own: recently we published a number of very sharp articles. We placed article about sexual slavery in Germany, there was the whole series of materials with the lawyer Volkova who exposed the western intelligence services in Alexander Dolmatov's death. There were Yury Mukhin's publications about strange circumstances of death of Jacob Dzhugashvili in the German concentration camp. We touch very many people and don’t make exceptions for anyone.

Present ultimatum from the German provider isn't casual and from the point of view of the Russian affairs. On Saturday evening I returned from Ukraine. For two days I have already received foolish, in my opinion, claim about protection of honor and dignity, a call from police with request to come to prosecutor's office and site shutdown.

Our position is principal: we never remove anything. In due time Lyudmila Narusova, being the senator, demanded to remove from the site one interview, she even involved the Ministry of Interior. Then we completely removed all technical platforms out of the country. DDoS-attacks are constantly organized against us, claims are made. Well, it’s a norm for oppositional site.

It’s unpleasant that we deal not only with own state mode, but with police International. Border crossing doesn't mean that the Russian problems won't get you.

It is possible to give a lot of examples. Leonid Razvozzhayev was kidnapped in Ukraine directly in front of the entrance to the office of the commissioner of the UN for refugees. Alexander Dolmatov died in Holland where he asked for political asylum. He died in prison! It’s not clear why he was put in prison, if he only asked for asylum. The Kazakh intelligence services tried to kidnap oppositionist Aynur Kurmanov in the center of Moscow in December last year. Our police saw everything and remained idle. Let’s recollect also incidents with the Tajik oppositionists. Umarali Kuvatov was enticed to the United Arab Emirates under the pretext of some negotiations, now he has been staying in Dubai prison for nearly 3 months expecting delivery to Tajikistan. I have Kuvvatov's recent photo: 30-year-old person with dazzling black hair. On the last photo made in prison he is completely gray-haired. Former prime minister of Tajikistan Abdumalik Abdulladzhanov was recently detained in Borispol in Ukraine. The most interesting is that there’s no extradition agreement between Kiev and Dushanbe. They act differently when they have no possibility to neutralize a person in such way. The former employee of the Tajik immigration service, 50-year-old Bakhtiyer Sattori was simply killed in Moscow. He left house to buy cigarettes, a person came to him, got convinced that it’s Sattori before him and struck with a knife in heart. So, closing of our site is not the most terrible thing to happen.

Unfortunately we live in the world in which bourgeois dictatorship triumphs. There is bourgeois democracy and there is also dictatorship. It is surrounding us reality. Such mode doesn’t think of means. Became bad – investors in Cyprus are confiscated their deposits. Why? Just like that. At bourgeois dictatorship populace becomes fat, but in case of need this populace is remorselessly cut.

It is possible to give absolutely scandalous example: execution of workers in Zhanaozen in December, 2011. Nobody wanted to notice that fact in general for long. Say, they shot some tens of "japs". We began spreading video, constantly write about it. After a while situation was noticed. Though it was done very reserved. In a month Nazarbayev quietly went to Germany. There is a photo how he holds happy Angela Merkel’s but. Why? Simply he signed agreement on deliveries of rare-earth metals to Germany. Nobody got indignant in our Customs Union in general. When the workers were shot, there was a banquet in Moscow devoted to that Nazarbayev's son-in-law and the owner of that "KazMunaiGas" which workers were shot became shareholder of "Gazprom".

It’s such property of bourgeois dictatorship: to treat non-compliance with laws and human rights absolutely quietly. In this sense Hitler's dictatorship didn't differ from any other bourgeois dictatorship, simply it was brought to a logical limit. Modern modes are while, I stress while, don’t meet their logical limit. If they need, our workers will go to work in rows singing songs as it quite recently was in South Korea. There were no freedoms there, as well as in Singapore at Li Chuen Yu where trade-union activists wrapped up in cellophane were thrown into water from helicopters. All consider Singapore and South Korea democratic states. Useful goods at minimum expenses are produced there and it suits the West. Putin also suits the western elite. All statements of human rights activists in the West don't change that fact that the modern mode in Russia suits all.

"Free Press": – What does edition intend to undertake?

– We will transfer all technical platforms from Germany. Though it also will be up to a certain time. We will have to behave as a hare: from Moscow to Ukraine, from Ukraine to Germany, from Germany somewhere else. We entered globalization era. The one that Lenin called the last stage of capitalism. We now in opposition not only to the Russian power, but also to all world ruling class.

"Free Press": – If you aren't afraid of the destiny of the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks Julian Assange who is compelled to sit in the embassy of Ecuador in London, probably, while the power in England cardinally change?

– Destinies of Kuvvatov and Sattori are much worse. Though in some sense it certainly frightens. We are all alive people. On the other hand, I am 53 years old, I have rich biography. All the same I will die, therefore it’s silly to be afraid of it, – Anatoly Baranov concludes.