When Will Stalin’s Name Be Pronounced on the Red Square on May, 9?

I am under deepest impression after conversation with the last Minister of Defence of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union, veteran Dmitry Timofeevich Yazov. He is 88 years old, but what clear mind! He pours names of military leader, dates, figures, names of fronts …

Certainly, we talked about Generalissimo Stalin, his role in the defeat of the German fascism and liberation of the enslaved Europe from the Fascism. It is clear that on victorious May days mud would be again thrown at him by our "historians" such as Pozner, Mlechin, Svanidze …

- We know such "gropers after truth" who on the eve of the Victory Day come out of their woodworks, - Dmitry Timofeevich grinned. - I talked about it already not once recently. I can remind only: as the head of the Soviet state, the chairman of Council of People's Commissars, People's Commissar of Defense, General Secretary of the Communist Party and the Supreme Commander Stalin had everything in his head and was responsible for everything. For production of military equipment and its delivery to the front, for preparation of military and civil experts, for organization of work of the back land - so, he controlled military, political and economic activity of the Soviet Union. To tear Stalin off from our Victory means simply to be spiteful against it.

Sometimes they artificially oppose Generalissimo Stalin and Marshal Zhukov. Supposedly the last surpassed the Supreme Commander in military art. It’s nonsense. The commander of the army or front supervised operation, fight and for that purpose he got the order from the Supreme commander, necessary quantity of armies, equipment, ammunition and other means. Front workers, the country gave all that and Stalin was the owner and general chief there...

I’ve already written that “Commanders-in-Chief” pass all last years before Victory parade on the Red Square. Putin and Medvedev made speeches which were identical as twins. Written as if under carbon by one author.

What are common features? Not only slyness, noncommittal, but also obvious falsification of history.

It’s absolutely impossible to understand who was in war with whom in the Great Patriotic War from their speeches, what country was the aggressor and who won the victory in that cruel war of the XX century and what price was.

"Our country", "our people", "artful enemy", "we won... ". Present Kremlin leaders like to attach themselves to other people’s g glory …

There are no in those speeches "Commanders-in-Chief" either the Soviet Union, or the Soviet people, or fascist Germany for which all enslaved Europe worked. There is no Hitler - on the one hand and Stalin – on the other. Pupils, youth listen and get perplexed, veterans listen - spit.

Veteran D. Yazov considers that for the sake of the historical truth injustice in relation to Stalin has to be eliminated. The quicker, the better.

We also discussed the theme which our governors and official mass media try to avoid in every possible way - role of the Russian people in general victory.

- I will give figures which aren't advertized today, - Dmitry Timofeevich explained. – In the days of war RSFSR numbered a little bit more than 110 million people, almost 22 million were called to serve in Armed Forces and to complete losses, that is nearly 20% of the population of the republic. The greatest number of the mobilized soldiers and officers, young recruits, women not liable for call-up and citizens over 50 years old fell to the share of Russia. These are 63,2% from total number of called from all federal republics.

What does it mean? Well, it means that the Russian people bore the main weight of the Great Patriotic War. Not casually at a solemn reception in honour of Victory on June, 24, 1945 Generalissimo Stalin said toast to the Russian people.

Here you are fragments of that toast:

"Companions, let me propose one more, last toast.

I would like to drink to the health of our Soviet people and, first of all, of the Russian people.

I drink, first of all, to the health of the Russian people because it is the most outstanding nation from all nations making the Soviet Union.

I propose toast to the health of the Russian people because in this war it deserved general recognition as leading force of the Soviet Union among all peoples of our country.

I propose toast to the health of the Russian people not only because it’s the leading people but also because it has clear mind, firm character and patience ….

Thanks to it, the Russian people, for this trust!

To the health of the Russian people!"

I wonder, whether Commander-in-Chief Putin will tell about it on the Red Square on May, 9? When will Stalin's name be pronounced in Russia on a light Victory Day? Though it will hardly happen.

They would rather be ashamed of their “strategic partners” from Berlin, Baku, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Astana as before...

P.S. Black-and-white way of thinking of some guests of the forum will consider this note as justification of "Stalin’s repressions" and will try to transfer conversation to them. It isn't necessary. It is trolling. It’s different subject. I am talking about historical truth which is being distorted, suppressed and forged by official agitprop with the willing of the Kremlin.