Anything but Stalin!

I always look with condolence on efforts of intellectuals from journalism and cinema who want to convince the reader or the viewer of Hitler and Stalin’s identity, of the identity of communism and Nazism. These efforts look quite pitiful as the inhabitant can believe similar statements, as for the serious people dealing with money, furthermore with solid money will never believe them. Because for them communism and Nazism are not the same.

It’s possible that western bourgeois didn’t feel special love to Hitler. While Hitler suited many as the leader of the gang armed cap-á-pie intending to punish communists.

The fact that Hitler absolutely freely, in quite democratic way came to the power in Germany testifies of it, with little effort he annexed Austria and then Czechoslovakia, he didn’t meet any serious resistance in Western Europe in general , not to speak of the European governors with fascist and semi-fascist views standing in a queue to Hitler.

As historical practice shows, the bourgeois was rather afraid of Nazism, but was ready to reconcile and do business with it. The last happened every very willingly.

As the main aim of Hitlerism initially was DESTRUCTION OF COMMUNISM. Certainly, the rest were also present: racism, plans of colonial captures. While destruction of communism was Hitler's first and main goal. Under implementation of this purpose he obtained financial credits, as well as the credit of the authorities.

Hitler began political career from destruction of communists. The arson of the Reichstag dramatized by Nazis became an occasion for rather destruction of communists than establishment of Hitlerite dictatorship, as it is approved in the western historiography. The first Nazi concentration camp in Dachau was built for prisoners-communists.

The beginning of Nazi board was marked by unprecedented trial over communists. That were the communists in the person of George Dimitrov who joined battle with Nazism the first.

Subsequently communists were the most consecutive and not fluctuating political force battling against Nazism from the beginning and up to the end.

The western historiography and politicians puts the USSR and Hitlerite Germany on the same level referring to Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Though it was the contract not between friends and not even between allies. It was the contract between enemies.

The Soviet Union agreed on the conclusion of the pact with Nazi Germany after the western powers presented to Hitler mines of Alsace and Lorraine, Austria and Czechoslovakia, after efforts of the USSR on creation of system of collective security, after rejection by the same Czechoslovakia and Poland of the offer from the USSR on military help against Hitlerite aggression.

If Stalin remained indifferent to the German expansion to the east in 1939 and in 1941, the Soviet Union would be compelled to begin defense on the borders of Dnepr!

One more thing. The conclusion of the Pact was preceded by long fight against fascism in Spain where communists of the whole world and first of all - Soviet, for the first time met in open duel with the German, Italian, Spanish and other fascists.

It’s still not the main thing. Finally the West and the USSR for short time became allies in war with Nazism.

Having felt force, Hitler didn't want to be simple foreman on the service of anticommunism and started threatening at first to colonies and then foundations of the West.

It often happens to bandits who felt force - they start wanting all.

Together but mainly thanks to the USSR Nazism was broken.

However fascist modes worldwide, beginning from Europe and finishing Latin America absolutely quietly had been governed in their countries for decades and didn't disturb the West at all.

For some reason NATO didn't worry about destiny of Indians and Argentinians, Brazilians, Chileans, Spaniards killed in Guatemala by local fascists or about thousand missing persons who were later found dead with traces of cruel tortures of...

In the same way the western powers didn’t worry about dictatorship of black colonels in Greece or Slazara in Portugal. They didn't worry about dying out from hunger and diseases Africa.

Though it worried terribly about violation of human rights in the USSR and socialist transformations in Northern Korea and Vietnam. It worried to such an extend that they burned out everything that they could having dropped several times more bombs than during whole World War II, having killed this millions people.

The West absolutely well got on with the Latin American juntas, decades terrorizing and keeping in poverty own peoples, but it failed to forgive Fidel Castro socialist transformations in Cuba, the same way western democrats couldn’t have endured election of socialist Allende as the president of Chile, as they couldn't have forgiven social transformation of Chavez.. There are enough samples.

Already today a lot has been written about threat of radical Islam. It’s was suddenly found out that the main driving force of democracy in Libya and Syria is... Al-Qaeda. The West covers these "lovely democrats" both from the air and diplomatically (while) in Libya and in Syria.

I don't think that the western bourgeois really love fascist juntas or bandits from Al-Qaeda. God forbid to think such! Really, bourgeois is capable to love only money and to hate only communism.

Why so?

Everything is simple, Watson: it’s cheaper to give education, medical care of the population and whole social sphere to clergymen, no matter if it will be Catholic or Orthodox Church or movements like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and similar.

In any case, as practice shows, they will have no labor unions: in Iran or in Gaza mullahs began their board with punishment over communists and shooting of trade-union leaders.

As practice of history shows, the western democracy is ready to reconcile with fascism (more than once I looked on TV and read in newspapers that disinterested person was Mussolini) with Wahabis, but not with communists.

Because working committees, free state education and medicine, state housing, labor unions protecting interests of the workers, not to speak about working control on production is hell of a lot for the capitalist.

Wahabites are more preferable. Anything but Stalin!