Academic Scientists

The State Duma adopted bill about the Russian Academy of Sciences in the second reading. The deputies needed only seven minutes to consider all 174 amendments: 69 accepted, 105 rejected.

Here are words of the vice speaker of the State Duma, secretary of general council of "United Russia" Sergey Neverov about the bill: "At last we received the document which suits today those parties which will live according to this document. First of all it, of course, our academic scientific community with which we actively and closely interacted during these days for correction and amending the law adopted in the first reading".

Meanwhile the academic scientific community isn’t satisfied with the bill. They are offended and revolted with injustice and are already going to submit collective claim to the Constitutional court and to appeal against governmental reform. Scientists gather for pickets, write collective letters, the Internet rages. Though let's look at it from the other point of view. Where were these academicians hoary with age, mind, honor and conscience of the country earlier?

Misters scientists were silent when plants were closed and thousands families remained on the street without means of support all over the country.

Torches of science were silent when rural schools and hospitals were closed leaving small and old people on God's will.

Men of science completely ignored small business which was strangled by increase in taxes twice, self-employed population which didn't scrounge off the state, but fed itself, moreover it paid extra to the state for a given chance not to kick the bucket was wimped out without fuss.

Knock - knock! Now it’s your turn, clever men and clear heads. Today is your turn to appear helpless kittens being drown in a dirty corruption pool. Today you - with your merits regalia and ranks - are meanly nailed to the barn-door. Today the bell tolls for you, sweet heart. Let sweet promises of reformation and modernization don't calm you. End of science in the form it existed till now will come under the ruins of these modernizations.

Who needs your theoretical - methodological analysis of modern concepts when modern concept is known - to turn people into obedient stupid slaves ready to give own kidney for a bowl of rice. For whom do you develop institutionalization of management of projects in modern Russia, when there’s only one project in Russia - to steal and to divide. Look around. You - misters scientists - had to study, count and explain to people what was happening in the country. To find solutions of problems. You should have acted on television earlier, to camp on the doorsteps of the Kremlin offices.

There’s no industry, no education, no medicine now, respectively you aren't necessary as well. All of us are in one boat which is asked not to rock. It is even strange that someone still fondly believed that "the danger is over". The danger is over only for those who thought this "modernization" up and started it.

More optimism, misters academicians. As you known threatened scientist live long. You will have double soldering in our camp. Welcome to real world.