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Everyday Life of Investors: Arrest of a Member of the Board of Supervisors of "Alrosa" and 3,6% of Capitalization of Shares Away

Everyday Life of Investors: Arrest of a Member of the Board of Supervisors of "Alrosa" and 3,6% of Capitalization of Shares Away
Delyagin Michael 17.02.2014

Today I had to ask myself eternal question of the investor of the Russian assets: “Damn, what did I do? Today shares ("ALROSA") which vigorously, though slowly climbed upward, suddenly dropped. The drop is quite significant - 3,6% a day.

I has time, so, I decided to investigate, if something happened.

Well, situation is the following.

The general director of "RIC-Finance" Zakharov is arrested (not even detained, but arrested) in Moscow. He is arrested in the course of search in own apartment, not even in the office.

Previous claims brought to him were only extortions, now we have: "The first confessions in use of the company for withdrawal of public funds following direct orders of the management of the republic are given". After such message it’s somehow awkward to ask now how it could happen so that the state company (which, as soon as it’s possible to understand, still has budget money in its circulation) could directly participate in some dirty financial frauds.

They say, it was even shown on REN-TV. It is possible to take pleasure following the link.

Besides being general director Mr. Zakharov is a member of the Board of Supervisors of "ALROSA". Of course, last September he voted for "The Code of Corporate Governance" and "To the Politician for Counteraction to Bribery and Corruption".

What is RIC-Finance: it’s daughter company of RIC (Republican Investment Corporation) of Yakutia. Much has been poured out on it in mass media, but the essence is that investment fund of the Republic of Yakutia was withdrawn from the budget. It was created on budget money as well (if I understand our journalism correctly).

At that journalistic investigations and scandals were devoted to RIC, while criminal case was opened in relation to RIC-Finance (search in the office took place last fall and officials were indignant).

RIC sold the Nizhnelensky field to "ALROSA", Andreyev said words shaking every investor then: he is sure that it is "absolutely paid back" asset. When faultlessly intelligent professional suddenly starts speaking not quite Russian, it means, he tells a lot of things at a time, but not aloud. As Chernomyrdin. On the other hand, if professional doesn't give numerical indicators, it doesn't mean, he doesn't have them: he has. He is professional after all.

It means that it’s impossible to speak about them aloud.

Things happen, nothing unusual.

In July of last year the head of RIC Yefimov died in helicopter crash. Together with the first vice speaker of the parliament of Yakutia. Both were also members of the Board of Supervisors of "ALROSA". Dangerous work.

Though, on the other hand, helicopters in Russia fall regularly: modernization.

The main thing it is unclear how RIC is connected with "ALROSA". Why do the heads of RIC and its daughter company (RIC-Finance) control "ALROSA" through the Board of Supervisors.

Or republican control over blocking minority ownership and management is carried out in such way?

The most amusing happens further: possibly understanding in advance bright prospects of RIC-Finance within existing Criminal Code (even being liberalized by Medvedev to the utmost), big, head RIC establishes other daughter company, "pure" company - RIC+.

Money from the sale of the holding of shares of Yakut "ALROSA" (17,6 billion rubles, at the regular income of the budget of the republic in approximately 70 billion) goes not to the budget, but hangs about in this RIC+.

The president Borisov is exclusively lovely and benevolent person, really good person agrees with the president Putin (who against background of unforgettable EBN looks good) that Yakutia would receive not only its own incomes, but also federal income from privatization of "ALROSA".

No one cares that at preservation of present "rules of the game" they will again go to the same RIC+...

Do you understand?

"ALROSA" from completely closed, "confidential company for own guys" became transparent. Things happen…

Its Siamese twin - economic mechanism of the Republic of Yakutia - remained the same.

It starts shaking slightly now (for those who remained this winter without northern goods delivered and forcedly executes a feat of Solovetsky shipboys the shaking, of course, is not "slight", but “for the rest of life"), while organism (if to judge on the structure of the Board of Supervisors of "ALROSA") is general.

Though, if Yakutia, by and large, has no other money except money of "ALROSA", the company has to revitalize republic finance. "No matter if you like it, or not", - it’s genre law: question of survival.

It means that from the point of view of the tiny shareholder (like me) everything will be as it should be, though with slightly bigger adventures, than I assumed.

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