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They Kill AvtoVAZ on the Quiet

They Kill AvtoVAZ on the Quiet

The president of JSC AvtoVAZ Bu Anderson at a meeting with the governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin characterized situation at the factory as "very difficult" because of sharp falling of production. Thus, according to Anderson, 28 thousand cars were produced in May, while — 42 thousand used to be produced a month earlier. According to the president of the factory, falling of production in its turn is connected with "compression" of the automobile market as a whole in the country.

As the president of the Tolyatti automobile factory noted, despite all complexity of the situation, the staff has no reasons to worry. Enterprise plans to produce about one million cars annually. Other 200 thousand cars will be produced by the plant entering AvtoVAZ group in Izhevsk where part of production will be transferred to.

As for further optimization of the structure of the factory, according to Anderson, they plan to make cut back staff and to save 10 billion rubles on reduction of expenses.

- These’s little logic in his words, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - Firstly, Putin has just dismissed Merkushkin, what’s the hell talking to him? However, he intends to participate in elections, but who except Churov will vote for him? Though the voice of the last often happens to be decisive. Secondly - arithmetic. If AvtoVAZ produces 28 thousand cars a month, we have 336 thousand a year, not one million in any way. Even if it will be 42 thousand a month, all the same we have only half a million annually. Though if make calculations like this, it is possible to elect Merkushkin, why not... I have a question, what was the reason to sell AvtoVAZ to such outstanding arithmeticians who produced the biggest shit in the European automotive industry? They should have checked first what those French men made with "Nissan". Once it used to be a good car.

- There’s one thing I believe into – it’s reduction of staff, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - Outstanding managers have only two ways: if the goods are bought, it is necessary to hire more workers and produce more shit. When people cease to buy goods, it is necessary to reduce production and to wait for new demand for shit. They have two motivations: greed and fear. Greed is stronger, than fear and it’s the base of all. They are also afraid of two things – to be send to prison and that own workers will hang them up. Though they are afraid of prison less, than own workers. Here it is all political economy of capitalism. AvtoVAZ is ruined now by skilled western managers, not domestic ones being guided by science. I should say that they are quite successful. Europe...



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