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Catastrophe in Perm. "Boeing" of "Aeroflot" Entered 2,5 % of Crashed Planes of That Type

Catastrophe in Perm. "Boeing" of "Aeroflot" Entered 2,5 % of Crashed Planes of That Type
Ivan Poloshin 16.09.2008


The next tragic event but already in Perm once again forced me to pay attention to some facts and to write brief supervision.

Who loves Dmitry Anatoljevich so much that prepared him such a "gift" in the day of his birthday? Yes, today is birthday of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev (September, 14 1965), a gloomy day which became even more sad because of air catastrophe in Perm. You'll again say it's coincidence? Probably. Another variant is possible. Whether it's not strange?

In the day of birthday of the Russian president Boeing with general Troshev - veteran of the Chechen war, Hero of Russia, former commander of the North Caucasian military district and also adviser of the president of the Russian Federation - onboard got crashed. Тroshev went to Krasnokamsk, to wrestling match.

Vice-president of federation of wrestling of Russia Vladimir Pogodin was with Troshev. Wrestling, as we know, one of the favourite kinds of sports of V.Putin, he started with it.

Boeing belonged to "Aeroflot", to be exact to affiliated company "Aeroflot-North". Now, "daddy" decided to take the trade mark from "daughter". Undermining of authority of "Aeroflot" itself took place and a destiny of a company "Aeroflot-Don" which is 100 percent affiliated structure of "Aeroflot" appeared under question. Business - is a dirty thing in general, especially in Russia.  

According to Okulov, "Aeroflot" has recently carried out internal check of its two "daughters". Conclusion by results of check was satisfactory. However, eyewitnesses assure that Boeing caught fire in the air. But, airexpert Oleg Panteleev assures that the fire in the engine of Boeing could not lead to the catastrope. It could have happened, if fire touched not only engine but also other vital systems of the plane", - I quote Panteleev. Hence, fire was so powerful that it could get distributed so quickly that "it touched not only the engine but also other vital systems" for such a short time. In fact, the plane went on the second circle before leading for landing when a tragedy happened.

The fact that "bomb experts and experts of the 13-th Scientific Research Institute of Ministry of Defence" will be involved in finding-out of circumstances of accident.


Now I address to the readers. I mentioned some suspicious, in my opinion, circumstances of the event and I do not make unequivocal conclusions. I only call "to use your brains", to use logic, to compare facts, information and to try to understand. AS long as I see that many blanket trust to what is said from the screens of TV or is written by the proKremlin mass-media. But, in fact, for example, the Russian TV has discredited itself long time ago. Well, it's high time the Russian citizens start thinking by themselves before trusting someone, listening to someone, making what they would say to live as it's favourable to the ones "at the wheel"...

From editorial board: We would not recommend our readers to invent conspiracy versions of the catastrophe of the plane in Perm. However critical attitude to what officials say is indispensable condition of existence in the modern world. Without it the life is simply dangerous.

Let's say, Dmitry Hrol, director of "Boeing" in Russia and CIS on public relations calms public down: "Boeing" will render with readiness technical support in carrying out of investigation to the authorized state bodies of the Russian Federation. Safety of planes is being estimated according to specific parameter - to quantity of full losses of the plane on one million starts. The parameter of breakdown rate of the model 737-500 - it's that plane which has got into accident, is even less - 1 plane on 2 million flights. It is a very reliable plane".

All this if to calculate by the rules of the interested party - a number of flights divide into quantity of accidents. It really turns out one per million.

Now let's see from the other point of view. "Boeing - 737" - the most mass jet passenger plane in the world. In total since 1967 company "Boeing" produced more than 6 thousand machines. Accident in Perm became the 140-th one for four decades of exploitation of that type of air vessel.

That is 2,5 percent of "Boeing - 737" produced - crashed! Such chance to die is higher, than the American soldier has in Iraq. It forces to look at the breakdown rate of these machines from the different point of view.

Air company "Aeroflot-North" has 10 planes "Boeing - 737-500". The one crashed in Perm was produced in 1992 and was earlier being exploited by the Chinese airline. Why the largest air company of the country buys Chinese second-hand? It is quite logical to assume that 2.5% is composed by bigger amount of crashed planes of this type which are strongly worn out in conditions of not always correct operation, rather than new, recently produced.

Well, fly by planes of "Aeroflot", listen to the comments of press-secretaries...


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