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Collapse of Putin's Economy and Crash of the Mode

Collapse of Putin's Economy and Crash of the Mode
Кalashnikov Maxim 11.11.2008

The lecture read on November, 7, 2020 by Maxim Kalashnikov for the students of Leningrad University of National-Communism.

Part Two

Collapse of the dawn 2008 and further falling of quotations of the Russian shares caused national catastrophe, much heavier, than the one of the year 1998. When the shares were speculatively inflated in price during 2001-2008, companies of the Russian Federation incurred debts in the Western banks on security of their shares. But basically short-term credits.

It became a trigger hook of the further collapse resulted in falling of the white - blue - red project and to celebration of our Revolution...

Crisis Intensifier

They thought that freebie would proceed eternally - and at any moment to return old credits they would take new loans in the West. For their benefit share price of the companies of the Russian Federation was increasing in the rate till August, 2008. There was something that could be given in a pledge.

Then landslide falling of the Russian share market began. It became impossible to take credits in the West - the pledge had been depreciated! Fast falling of share price caused then a panic in the Kremlin cabinets in September, 2008. In fact if quotations of the shares of the Russian Federation fall, there is nothing's left for returning of taken external debts. Here you are also the fall of rouble, price for oil and currency incomes of the Russian Federation from foreign trade. If the share price fell fivefold in comparison with the time when you took under it credit in the West, then after the falling the credit appears to be as though fivefold more expensive.

"For economy as a whole it means that, having saved up reserves in 500-700 billion dollars, we for some weeks of crisis only in one share market already had a loss for the equivalent sum. In fact it's only the beginning. It is necessary to beat off attack on rouble, to compensate falling of prices for oil. The fact that all saved up would be spent and there still something should be added through emission is doubtless", - Gurova wrote in November, 2008.

She obviously didn't dare to add: at that very moment further devaluation of rouble led to the gravest social consequences became inevitable. As a matter of fact - it led to humanitarian catastrophe in the Russian Federation.

Here to you are the second economic crime of putimism: having taken on the West credits for hundred billions dollars (or having compelled our enterprises to take them), this chekist camarilla didn't build in the Russian Federation anything new, productive, effective and useful for society. At the same time it took so many - oh, my God! It did not use for development of the country and modernization of its industry notorious "financial reserves". So, when the crisis burst, it was necessary to repay all accumulation of putin's times to the West. Here you are the result: external loans were wasted for nothing and financial reserves were lost, the Russian Federation didn't create anything sensible on them.

Thus, ha-ha! - in autumn 2008 putin-plus-medvdev's clique was puffed up to prove that there's no crisis in the Russian Federation, that three-colour Russia - ostensibly quiet harbour among global crisis, that all crisis was imported to us from the West, etc. Actually, crisis in the Russian Federation appeared to be much more sharp, than in the USA.

"If to consider that capitalization of the share market of Russia has made approximately 1 bln. dollars and the total sum of external loans makes approximately 500 billion dollars, we risk to lose 1,5 bln. dollars. It's more than our gross national product. So, we actually lose more, than the USA as their losses while are less than own gross national product... " - Tatyana Gurova asserted in November, 2008.

Thus, nonprofessional and worthless management of putinism (both state and corporate), figuratively speaking, became alike that captain who at approach of a storm put his vessel topsy-turvy and opened all hatches instead of closing them tightly. In a word there was made everything that global crisis turned economy of the Russian Federation bottom up!

Here you are one more proof of that in the ill, corrupted through society the cabinet of the state and "sociable" top-managers is being selected from real swines. Rather thievish but thus absolutely incompetent either in economy, or in management.

"Today people ask question: whom is worse to, where are more risks - here or there? It is obvious that out position is worse. The western economy at all its problems saved up huge real capital. And even some decades of active removal of industry out of the West did not deprive them of skills to create new real actives. We don't have it. Hundreds people in the country wish to establish new companies. Tens - are able. Units - establish. It is a huge, not so financial but mental problem of elites.

Misunderstanding of the fact that it's all the same necessary to establish and by ourselves generates our colonial as a matter of fact financial policy. For this reason we do not understand what the reason is to have long-term money in the country. If we do not understand, they are not present.

If we in 2000th years were developing the bonded market, gave out long-term credits, today nothing would fall to pieces and there would be no risk of leaving of strategically important actives abroad... "

Those words sounded as a verdict to putinism. Really, crash of a mode by then has been already predetermined. In 2009 both Armed forces, advertised program of new arms, power and a lot of other things began ruining... The white - blue - red clique got in one more trap: to clear home market of import, to recover manufacture in the Russian Federation and to make it favourable, it was necessary to go on devaluation of rouble as in 1998. But the mode of tricolor was afraid of it till the last: in fact depreciation of rouble meant both social shocks and default on payment of external duties og corporations.

In autumn, 2008 Tatyana Gurova predicted that the Russian Federation would become the object of expansion not only western capitals but also Asian and Arabian ones. Only now - not as banks but as industrial companies supported by the national conservative banks. "We are attractive not only due to huge territory and resources but also due to romantic nonprofessionalism in what concerns protection of the domestic market, contemptuous attitude to the national capital, domination of bureaucracy in political system and consumer egoism cultivated by authorities..."

Gurova offered positive program of actions: to hold rouble exchange rate - but to provide bank system of the Russian Federation with long-term liquidity. To create the market of state bonds under large infrastructural projects. To lower tax burden for private business and to enter system of tax privileges for priority investment projects. To stimulate innovative activity of the companies: state - by direct command through the board of directors, private - by tax privileges.

We, supporters of Dictatorship of Development and National-Stalinism, suggested to add to those measures acceptance of the first five-year-plan of development and proclamation by the state of innovative tasks together with neo-stalin methods of struggle against corruption as priority ones. We offered compulsory withdrawal of money and foreign actives from corrupted officials of Eltsin's and Putin's "epoch", for such "de-kulakization" of pure parasites would not touch interests of private business and industrial sphere.

We were not heard. Time appeared missed. Belovezskaya Russia entered a strip of catastrophes. While the USA, not having been afraid to devaluate dollar in time were the first to leave the crisis. Especially with the help of dictatorship of "new rooreveltism"...

Here you are, my friends, one more example of "by-effect" from corruption in ruling elite: stagnancy, laziness and administrative feebleness of the official - management staff. Which as you see by the example of the Russian Federation of 2000-2008 lead to social and economic and then political collapse. So, my friends, in any case reprisal against thieves' "elite" are justified. It is better to shed blood of several thousand bastards, than to doom hundred forty millions souls on tortures and losses.

That is why new stalinism and precision reprisals - is a blessing for the Russian world. For only they clear us from filth and exterminate gone bankrupt "elite of marauders" opening way to the top for true elite - competent and hardworking elite of creators and builders of the Future. That is why new GULAG, and neo-NKVD, and application special psychotechnologies against old, Eltsin-Putin's establishment are also justified...


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