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Obama Is Proud That He Brought “Cold War” Back

Obama Is Proud That He Brought “Cold War” Back

The USA managed to achieve the international isolation of Russia after accession of the Crimea. The U.S. President Barack Obama declared it, addressing graduates of military academy "West-Point" on Wednesday. According to Obama, in connection with crisis in Ukraine the USA achieved condemnation of actions of the Russian management, together with allies they entered sanctions against Russia and promoted assistance to the Ukrainian economy from the IMF.

Active position of the USA helped the Ukrainian people to choose own future freely, Obama declared. "Eelections passed in Ukraine on weekends. Yesterday I talked to the next president of their country. The Ukrainian people got opportunity to choose their future independently, at that we didn’t use force," — the president told.

Barack Obama declared that he didn’t have doubts that his country would be the world leader for long. The American leader specified that the United States still have "the most dynamic economy and the most innovative business" in comparison with all other world.

According to Obama, the USA has no right to ignore large international problems. Obama called not only the Ukrainian crisis, but also territorial disputes of the People's Republic of China with neighboring countries, the Iranian nuclear program and civil war in Syria as important for the USA international question.

Speaking about Syria, Obama noted that the USA together with allies would look for the political solution of the conflict, but thus the president emphasized that Washington was ready to give support to the oppositionists who were against mode of Bashar Assad.

- Frankly speaking, there’s little logic in his words... - editor-in-chief of FORUM.nsk Anatoly Baranov noted. - The USA assumes a role of the world arbitrator, but at the same time doesn't hesitate to be on one quite certain side. How could it be? Apparently, politicians of that generation to which Obama belongs don't reflect over such matters. Let’s say, when Islamic oppositionists kill representatives of the "wrong" administration of Assad in Syria, it’s democracy, while when militants of Donbass don't recognize results of the revolution sponsored by the USA, it’s not democratically. There’s such feeling that at the end of the 20th century and at the beginning of 21st we dealt with absolutely different Americas. Actually, of course, it is the same country, only clerks, "people in wristbands", who had only debit and credit in their heads came to the power instead of intellectuals and heroes. If Bush Sr. was proud that Russia left the international isolation, Obama is proud that he managed to return situation to "cold war". Or here he told that the Ukrainian people had opportunity to choose their future independently, and thus they didn’t use force. That is if the Ukrainians didn't make "correct" choice, the USA would convince them using rockets? "Correct" Poroshenko meanwhile repeats absolutely the same things which "wrong" Yanukovych recently did – he doesn't hurry into NATO, doesn't want to sign blindly agreement with the EU and so on. So, what’s the reason of this Ukrainian revolution? Now there’s only one result – Russia is in the international isolation and Ukraine became divided (by the way, about 20% of citizens of the country had neither opportunity, nor desire to participate in the elections). If it’s considered good result of the American doreign policy? It appears that yes. Why are they surprised that no one in the world likes the Americans…


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