It Will Lead to Impeachment of the President Obama…

It Will Lead to Impeachment of the President Obama…
Tatyana Volkova 18.06.2014

More than a month since I was surprised by Richard Cohen's editorial article "The GOP’s Benghazi Hangup Is Baffling" on washingtonpost.com and induced me to write the comment "Boeyner Begins and Wins?" http://pravosudija.net/article/beyner-nachinaet-i-vyigryvaet.

I remind a plot. In the evening on September, 11, 2012 fighters of Muslim Brotherhood attacked the American consulate in Benghazi. They killed the ambassador John Christopher who was there "Chris" Stevens (usually working in embassy in Tripoli), and also the employee of diplomatic service on information management Sean Smith. Two field investigators - Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty - died early in the morning on September, 12 in the wing occupied by CIA.

Appearance in a network of episodes from video "Innocence of Muslims" shot in the USA defined by the president Obama in his annual speech to the United Nations General Assembly as "insult not only for Muslims, but also for America" became reason for disorders which served as cover for penetration into the territory of diplomatic mission. I am talking about fragments of hastily cooked-up low budget tape in which the prophet Mohammed is shown as homosexual and moron.

Repeatedly onvited inhabitant of the USA Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, alias Mark Bessli Yusuf, alias Sam Badzhil or Sam Baile never working as the director is considered to be the produer of the movie. During shooting he introdued himself as the Muslim of the Egyptian origin, but subsequently he began to claim that he’s Copti Christian from Egypt.

The pastor fundamentalist Terry Jones was also involved in creation of the movie and its distribution. Professional issues were solved by the porno-director Robert Brownell ating under pseudonym Alan Roberts. Production of video was made under the legend of shooting of a film under the name "Desert Warrior" in which there was no character by the name of Mohammed, then new episodes were added to the video without letting Brownell know about it, sound track was also changed.

The Amerians supplied the weapon to organization whih fighters got into consulate. The main deliveries went to Islamists in Syria and were financed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The director of CIA of that time David Petraeus was responsible for logistics: weapon delivery from Benghazi to Turkey and from there to the Syrian jikhadists.

The journalist Michael Hastings got interested in dark spots of the story, in particular the role of the ounterterrorism adviser of the president Obama of that time John Brennan — he died in unlear circumstances.

The speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress John Boehner managed to overcome fiere resistance to parliamentary investigation of that history shown, in particular, by his former political colleague, the chairman of committee of the House of Representatives of the Congress on investigation Michael Rogers.

Then I reported that according to my data Boehner had incontestable proofs that CIA completely controlled Muslim Brotherhood in Benghazi at the moment when the American ambassador died there, together with the employee of the State Department and agents of CIA he was killed as a result of the attack made with use of the delivered to terrorists weapon, though some of victims choked with a smoke.

New data shedding light on the reason and purpose of that operation began arriving to me after publication of the comment, the details raising big doubts that investigation of the commission of the Congress wouldn't be taken away on the wrong track were revealed.

Statements that as a result of investigation relations of present president Barack Obama, and in fact Hilary Clinton who has just begun election campaign with Mislim Brotherhood periodically appear in the American press and in network.

However the real threat which has hung as a result of events of that time can cause too big panic that this information an be allowed to become general property. Nevertheless, concealment of these facts is a crime and as they have reahed me, I consider it my duty to publish them.

The facts are as follows. Video about the prophet was made under request of CIA — specially for initiation of disorders.

Free pass into the wing of the complex of the consulate occupied by CIA was provided to a certain group of people under the cover of disorders.

Penetration was promoted from within by the field investigators who executed the order of the chief ounterterrorist adviser of the president Obama of that time John Brennan.

Carrying and loading of air-to-ground missiles from bunker under the wing oupied by CIA into the truks took plae while demonstrators distracted attention next to the main entrance.

400 antiaircraft guided missiles of the unknown to me model, unknown to me number of launchers and also other equipment were taken out.

500 FIM Stinger, including 1500 antiaircraft guided missiles were also transported.

4 persons, including the ambassador Stephens — one of the organizers of the Libyan Islamic revolution — were "mopped up" as witnesses who knew too much.

All disappeared goods were written off by CIA and write-off at was classified.

Perhaps only John Brennan knows what money was paid for written-off goods except the buyer.

More than one and a half years passed since then and even he doesn’t know where stolen anti-aircraft weapons are.

Everyone should draw own conclusions in a question if it’s possible to count international passenger traffic safe.

If the speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress John Boehner will manage to prove facts listed here, and thus nothing will happens with him, it will lead to impeachment of the president Obama with high degree of probability.

Besides, democrats would have to look for a new future presidential candidate into Hilary Clinton's place.

Finally. The former agent of FBI John Gvandolo knowing Brennan well told in recent interview: "What is possible to do, if your own people don't trust you, and your enemies don't respect you? ... To become the director of CIA".

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