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Iraq for the Second Time

Iraq for the Second Time
Tatyana Volkova 18.06.2014

The American president Barack Obama on June, 17 sent notice to the Congress about sending of the American military personnel "for protection of economic interests of the USA and personnel of the American Embassy" to Iraq. In such consequence, though the American Embassy in Baghdad is the world's largest and its personnel totals five thousand people. Messages in mass media about this event should be expected to appear tomorrow-the day after tomorrow, after obtaining of the reply from the Congress.

In his inquiry the U.S. President is guided by the public law 93-148 regulating powers of the president to begin armed conflicts without consent of the Congress. The president can send armed forces of the USA for operations abroad only after declaration of war by the Congress, "standard authorization", or in case of "state of emergency in the country created as a result of attack on the USA, its territory and premises, or armed forces". I don't know what lawyers of the White House did that time, however the first group of marines in a number of over 500 people towards morning of June, 18 already landed in Iraq from the board of "Mesa Verde" — dock landing ship like "San Antonio".

Mass media report that "Mesa Verde" goes to the Persian Gulf to join aircraft carrier group "George H. W. Bush", however in reality dock goes directly to Iraq fully ready for landing of troops. According to Barack Obama more large-scale expansion will be connected with certain "reforms in Baghdad".

According to my data the Secretary of State John Kerry agreed with the Iranians about full cancellation of all sanctions afflicting Iran at preservation of those that the Iranian partners don't object. After renewal of export of the Iranian oil in full, Iran will pay bills for actions of the American military personnel on protection of the Iraq Shiites from fighters of organization "Islamic State of Iraq and Sham" receded from Syria to Iraq. Questions of the Iranian concern connected with strengthening of positions of the Iraq Kurds after passing of Kirkuk under control of formations of "Peshmerge" were also discussed.

The Iranian management is full of determination to protect its brothers in faith in Iraq, and doesn't lack volunteers. However in Tehran they indulge themselves in sending the American soldiers instead of own to fight, at that only paying money. Thanks to different mentality both parties remained happy: the Persians consider that they humiliate the Americans by employing them to send their sons to risk life for interests of the Islamic republic. The Americans are glad to have every opportunity "to protect economic interests".

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