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Slavyank. Jeb Bush – Hillary Clinton 1:0

Slavyank. Jeb Bush – Hillary Clinton 1:0
Тatayna Volkova 08.07.2014

On July, 5th resource icorpus.ru reports: "Tonight militia under command of I. Strelkov made tactical retreat". Representatives of the premiere of DPR Alexander Boroday distributed message in which it is said: "We were ready to such variant as we resisted to a group of several tens thousands people and hundred units of armored machinery — that is practically to all efficient Ukrainian army".

The western mass media support this version; theguardian.com: "The Ukrainian armies restored control over key east city Slavyansk, having seized it from the pro-Russian rebels, it could become turning point in three-months fight of the country for preservation of the independence. City... fell into the hands of insurgents on April, 6th and became a stronghold of the pro-Russian separatists. Elected at the end of May president Petro Poroshenko promising to solve the most serious from the moment of proclamation of independence in 1991 crisis in Ukraine ordered the armies to hoist the national banner over the city".

Columns of insurgents left the city, and judging by information from various sources, entered Kramatorsk and Donetsk. Slavyansk, of course, is "key" city, but Kramatorsk, not to mention Donetsk is even more. The main reason why Slavyansk became key is that its name known by very few people before was mentioned in the heading of a lotof newspapers since April.

Losses which were incurred near Slavyansk by CIA, the American private security companies and the Ukrainian security officers, as well as inability of the American protege Poroshenko to establish control over the most known rebellious city caused serious damage to the prestige of operating administration in the USA.

Certainly, not in the opinion of electorate which will hardly find on the globe not only Slavyansk, but also Ukraine, but in the opinion of about one thousand representatives of "the dollar aristocracy" on which financing and, respectively, success of the following presidential campaign in the USA depends. "The first among equal" in these circles have own forces in Ukraine in the person of private military companies.

That were they which decided that there came right moment "to take occasion by the forelock". Reputation of the White House is undermined, and now it’s time to show who these people are who are able not to get limited to empty chatter, but to settle questions really. For example, question of "fight against terror".

They aren't engaged in solution of strategic tasks. They absolutely don’t care who will win in Ukraine. They need money, more money and there is no in Ukraine such sum which could be earned having brought to power own U.S. President. Slavyansk became the card, let not trump, which can be played in the intra American policy.

The group of employees of the American private military company specializing in city guerrilla war was created to mop up Slavyansk. It was agreed with the Ukrainian security officers that official Armed forces will enter the city after the “mopping up detachment” and occupy it, having allowed the Americans to leave quickly right after performance of the task set for them.

I don't know exact number of the American participants, but I believe that for almost peace city with population of 118 thousand people one battalion was enough. The role of the Ukrainian artillery and tanks in this story was a little exaggerated. Independently they could have stormed Slavyansk within next several months hid and miss, whereas without them the company of mercenaries would solve the problem in a day, two at most on condition of hardened resistance of militants. The task of the Ukrainian armies was different: they created occupational garrison.

Above I stated facts known to me, now I will dare to make assumption. I believe that command of the militants received relevant intelligent information, probably, connected to recommendation not to be got involved in hopeless fighting collision. No militants can fight perfectly armed and trained staff having access to military information of CIA, DIA and the NSA. Well-formed division of Special Forces, if possible with support from air and advantage in fire weapons is required for it.

In due time I wrote that when the American private military companies will be massively involved in the Southeast of Ukraine, Kutuzov’s evasion from acceptance of fight to save people will be optimum tactics of militants. The Americans use special guerrilla methods in Ukraine, but carry out not military, but commercial and political tasks.

Judging by arriving odd bits of information, commanders of militants made the only right in such situation decision: to prepare positions for stepback and to beat a retreat. As a result nothing has changed in the Southeast of Ukraine from the strategic point of view and won't change if only someone from commanders foolishly or as a result of treachery will accept a battle.


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