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Mad Chocolate Hare

Mad Chocolate Hare
Коmkov Sergey 15.07.2014

It’s not a secret that people had been given newly elected president of Ukraine nickname "chocolate hare" long ago.

It’s clear why he is “chocolate”, as his business is in the field of this sweet branch. Though why he is a hare? As by sight he more resembles browned off domestic boar.

Probably, his character which reminds one of a hare is the reason of such nickname. He always ran somewhere from the power structures, managing to drag off personal sweet carrot from the state bed from time to time.

Someone convinced him that he’s already quite ripened to a role of the first person in the state placed almost in the center of Europe. Most likely, those were eaters of cheeseburgers and hamburgers from abroad. Having no big mental capacities, those transatlantic "advisors" decided that it’s better, if the country would be controlled by a person with similar to them I.Q. level.

Thus the owner of the Ukrainian chocolate business started preparing himself for such responsible role with enthusiasm. He didn’t think of lifting his intellectual level at least a little. Only full idiot could imagine that someone will allow him to make independent decisions in this country.

The American intelligence services needed puppet governor in Ukraine and they got him. They got him contrary to the will of millions citizens of the country who simply ignored the fact of elections of such president.

Though even the American owners couldn't assume that their protege would reach such full marasmus.

In anticipation of presidential election "chocolate hare" tried to make statements about some peace variant of solution of the conflict with southeast regions of the country. He made very strong efforts and tried to squeeze some “plans” out of himself: A and B. Obviously, he doesn’t know other letters of the alphabet.

Those "plans" finally came down to empty statements not confirmed by any real actions.

Nevertheless, our "hare" continued to assure that he had the most benevolent intentions. Having forgotten bible wisdom that hell is paved with good intentions.

Exactly there, into the hell, he started pushing the country, having hardly entered presidential post.

At that he started doing it with the help of real scum of the society, with the help of Nazi degenerates from pro-Fascists Banderist organizations. Additionally they were given weapon and supplied with military equipment. They were allowed to go to plunder own country.

It seemed not enough. Our "chocolate hare" decided that it is time to start purposeful and ruthless physical destruction of own people. Regular army divisions got criminal order to bomb residential quarters. Houses and hospitals, schools and kindergartens. There, according to repeat declarations of our "chocolate", chief "bandits" and "separatists" hid.

Thus the newly appeared "chocolate" president went with a cap in hand to all western "sponsors" convincing them to give something to support economy of vanishing Ukraine. Some of them were even touched. Well, how not to help in such trouble? Only they don't know that the trouble was created by our "chocolate" with companions with own hands.

At first they crushed gold-domed Kiev – mother of all Russian cities. Then they began breaking purposefully and systematically most economically developed cities of the southeast of the country. Now they actually destroyed also all workers, capable to create at least some production. The most part of the efficient population of the country either went to militia, or migrated to the territory of Russia. Because in the homeland they would have turned into the object for terror and ruthless elimination.

A question arises in this connection: whether our "chocolate" president realizes that it would be necessary to restore what was destroyed? Where is he going to take money for it?

May be he is not going to restore destroyed economy of the country in general? May be he will send it to concession to the American uncles and aunts who were generously distributing pies on Maidan?

On July, 11, 2014 all news agencies dispersed angry statement of the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian armed forces. He flew into a rage because the army sent by him to fight with own people suddenly appeared incapable not only to make real actions, but got under attack of militants. It suffered heavy losses. He suddenly began to see clearly, having learned known truth stated by the great inhabitant of Odessa Zhvanetsky more than 20 years ago: "It discourages, when not only you do, but you are also done".

Thus in the heat of indignation our "chocolate", not even thinking what he is doing, promised to destroy tens and hundreds militants for one killed military. Thereby he even surpassed the bible principle "eye for eye, tooth for tooth". That is he actually gave command to the most bloody and most brutal nationalist pro-Fascist forces to destroy own Ukrainian people totally.

It is already serious. Statements of this sort made by the official head of the state can be estimated as appeals to genocide. That verges upon crime against humanity.

Thus, "chocolate hare" in the rank of the president of the country actually turns into very dangerous criminal. That gives every sane person the right to treat him as mad dog.

I apologize, as mad hare …

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