Кто владеет информацией,
владеет миром


Maxim Kammerrer 06.02.2007

In September of 2006 Saakashvily did everything he’s able to induce Russia to exercise power actions. Obviously, this is necessary for his American chiefs. As soon as in case of success several problems would be solved at once.

Firstly, Georgia would become "an object of the Russian aggression" (in recent Putin’s terminology – front-line state). Hence, it would be possible to introduce significant contingent of the American "peacemakers" there. That would create a base for attack to Iran from North-West, plus it would be possible to control “a pipe” from Azerbaijan to Turkey.   

At last, there would appear an enormous resource to press the Kremlin administration which would appear under an obvious threat to be equalled to Milosevic and other "enemies of mankind".

After that, in the end of October of the last year, tragical events with Politkovskaya and Litvinenko happened. Using Berezovsky's vocabulary these are purely “sacral victims". I.e. unknown killers having spent impressing means (used for Litvinenko’s murder Po-210 costs some millions dollars) eliminate tow well-known but non-influential figures.  

The meaning is extremely obvious - to discredit Putin or his nearest environment, that is, however, one and the same as to the influence on authority. The ordering customer – could appear to be everybody from CIA and Mi-6 up to someone from the Russian chiefs. But in any case absolute personal vulnerability of key figures of the Russian establishment in the meaning of impossibility to enter the western elite is shown. And as soon as it’s right the thing which makes up, most likely, the purpose of a current stage of life cycle of the majority of characters who regularly say fine words from our TV which is “the fairest in the world”, then the fact of reinforcement of operative possibilities of world players on personal influence on key figures of the Kremlin team takes place.   

Given succession of events is supplemented well with the conflict with Belarus. The probability of transition “in case" to heating by fire wood from the trees cut down in city streets was distinctly shown to the Europe. The conflict was organized and the process was ordered by the economic block of the government: Kudrin, Gref, Zurabov and the company. (Malicious tongues scandalously declare that these worthy and noble people submit no at all to Putin but to their curators from WRPC - Washington Regional Party Committee).

An impression of incompleteness appears here. Something similar to musical overture anticipating the basic action of performance takes place. When lights are out and the public in parterre and in a gallery has already aimed its lorgnettes expecting appearance of the actors.

And at this moment on a scaffold of the European stage hot guys from the Estonian government appear. Such as: the president Mr. Toomas Ilves, the head of the government Mr. Andrus Ansip, chairman of the parliament Mr. Toomas Varek. And other misters of a finer, like the deputy of the parliament of Estonia from a party "Union of Fatherland" Trivimi Velliste who has became famous by the vigorous activity on installation of sculptures to "nice Estonian legionaries" like SS-Standartfuhler Alfons Rebane. And all of them with one accord declare about inclination to pull down a memorial to Soviet Soldier in the centre of Tallinn.

The decision instantly causes squall of protests. It is regarded in Russia as "sacral crime". But if to let alone the moral side of an event there is a question: "but what for"?

Really, what is the reason Bush and Cheney with Condolise who control from the top to the bottom "independent governments of the sovereign countries of Baltic" to embitter Putin so sharply? In fact he really gets into position worse than of governor (even in view of their present status in Russia).

The answer is simple. The commander-in-chief of the Armed forces of Russia finds himself in a situation when it is impossible to answer — and it is impossible not to answer. Certainly, there will be no answer from us. But it is unimportant as there is enormous need in it for Russia.

Hence, for true directors of the performance an opportunity of truly Shakespearian «director's decision» appear. When, let’s suppose, some from the listed high-ranking Estonian characters suddenly will start to leave, so to say, on rendezvous with mentioned Standartfuhler. One by one or simultaneously leaving this wicked world following, for example, “Litvinenko’s way”. Or “Politkovskay’s trace” or using any other possible way.   

For every person who saw film "Change" where in slow-motion shot the sequence of explosions (about ten) inside of twin-towers (25 floors below the movement of a collapse zone) falling on the 11th of September, 2001 is shown, there’s nothing impossible in such a hypothesis.

Thus it is quite obvious that the forthcoming act of Tallinn vandalism has no other rational purposes. Except for causing of a wave of hatred inside of Russia. On which background any negative events with ruling Estonian nazis will be with a bang. ("We’ve got them!") And, consequently, it will be elementary simple to create in world mass-media a squall of charges in relation to the Russian Federation. In comparison with which "Litvinenko’s case" will seem a cheerful fairy tale. That will sharply simplify for Washington solving of questions with Iran and with creation of the feeling that the whole Europe is something like near-front line. The safety guarantee will be, for sure, peace-loving block NATO headed by YOU KNOW Whom…   

That means that there is an opportunity "to supervise" immediately all Europe before the beginning of an antagonism with the basic American competitor - China which in its turn is a leading buyer of oil in Iran. Plus an additional number of pleasant moments like an opportunity to discredit euro as it was after the war with Yugoslavia.

Whether it will help to avoid a collapse of dollar burdened by really fantastic duty of all players of the American economy in 50 billion dollars which is increasing every year on 10%, i.e. almost to the half of Gross Domestic Product of the USA. One can’t be sure. By nevertheless they won’t spare possible (veeery possible) Estonian targets…

P.S. Absolutely not clear, as it seems, official position the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, stated by Lavrov, ("we shall not do anything") - 100% suits offered logic. In translation into Russian it means that in Smolensk Region they perfectly understand an opportunity of the script and aspire to do the utmost for non-admission of charges to the address of the Russian Federation and "its chiefs" in case something happens. Well, pleasant mood to Ilves, Ansil and the company …

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