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Independence of Corpses

Independence of Corpses
Yury Mukhin 24.08.2010

Ruin of the USSR, independence of republics - it's, for sure, victory of the West и this victory was hammered with its active participation. It's a treason of management of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and state management of the USSR which tore great country apart to plunder its cuttings. It's all clear, described and I won't talk about it. Though there were people who sincerely wanted that ruin. Who are they?

There was defect in the system of higher education of the USSR which was considered great advantage of our country. Idea that suburb people of the USSR are less educated and it's necessary to give them advantage in going into higher education was cultivated. It was really so then but for last several tens percent of population with higher education among suburb people exceeded similar indicator among Russians.

However, institutes in republics provided advantage at entering to their national enrollers, besides institutes of Russia let them enter on a compulsory basis. This advantage - was the heaviest defect. Firstly, there was no real selection of capable people from representatives of suburb peoples, secondly, there was no real motivation to learn. I don't want to say that Russia was robbed because of it. There appeared great amount of lazy, stupid people with diploma of higher education.

Obtaining of diploma of candidate of science, doctors, obtaining of university tenures, election to academies - all became paperwork and "old boy network". A person who wanted to get such regalia having some material and political opportunities always had possibility to get them. The same situation reigned in spheres of writers, poets, journalists and composers. While real honour, real fame and respect could be achieved not for possession of certain document with seals. They could be achieved by concrete, necessary to people results of work. There were no results!

It led to that to the moment of coming of betrayers to power in the USSR and other republics, to the period which we use to call "perestroika" a lot of stupid, lazy, incapable to fulfill their work but possessing regalia, diploma and unreasonable private ambitions were kept on money taken from taxes which workers and peasants used to pay to the state.

Try to place oneself in position of these people. They think: "Why do I - such good, clever, possessing the same diploma as they have - get scanty wages working as the clerk in the ministry of Lithuania (Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine...)? I lived all my life in Vilnius (Alma-Ata, Kishinev, Kiev...), while some Ivanov with the same diploma as I have who worked all life as the builder in Siberia and Central Asia suddenly got appointment on the post of the minister (the director of institute, the president of Academy of Sciences, the secretary regional council...)? Why do I write so well books in Lithuanian (Kazakh, Moldavian, Ukrainian) language with so ingenious descriptions of sunrise (sunset, wife's adultery, etc...), while Lithuanians (Kazakhs, Moldavians, Ukrainians...) read books of some Bondarevs, Simonovs, Gamzatovs?" People are not inclined to accuse themselves in anything, especially people with diplomas.

Naturally a thought that their unenviable level of life, absence of fame is a result of oppression of their small but so unfortunate people and them directly appears and lives in the minds of these people.

Let's think if the thought that to be known it's necessary to separate Latvia from the USSR and occupy a post of the president of sovereign Latvia would come to Raimonds Pauls - known and loved composer of the USSR? What could come to the mind of composer V.Landsbergis today forgotten and having not one hundredth share of R.Pauls's talents?

Those people want to have state posts which they consider as private feeders. They craved for them earlier also - they became members of CPSU, honoured communism, integrity of peoples of the USSR - but they didn't have enough talents, working capacities to occupy supreme posts in international, uniform state - empire. Besides, the quantity of post was little. Say, there was only one post of the minister of foreign affairs. While there were a lot of those who wanted to become such minister.

That's why with the beginning of "perestroika" those people at once started pushing old, cleverer officials away from their posts and occupy them, they filled mass-media with own personalities.

The aim of our "national" movements - replacement of bureaucracy of the USSR by bureaucracy of the republics - there's no other aim, the more so, such movements never had the aim useful to their peoples. The target of all international wars which followed the ruin of the USSR - protection of such people and their feeders.

Stupid "national" bureaucracy is not capable to create (those who could, did it in the USSR), thus it had no useful for people aim which could be achieved by creation. Its aim - struggle. With no matter whom and no matter for what. Though for recognition of Holodomor genocide, for "truth of history", though to burry Lenin in different place - all the same! As long as there's struggle, "national" bureaucracy is alive. War ends and these people need to return to their machine tools, blackboard, to become writers and poets whose books nobody reads.

We are surprised why peoples of the USSR cut each other throats. What else do we want, if we let not creators but "fighters" to form public opinion of our peoples? These people can't build, they can only struggle. Get idea of struggle away - they will at once become what they used to be in the UUSR - political corpses.

Let's bend our fantasy and imagine that the USSR is restored into one uniform state without any national republics and the president and deputies are being elected in it (even without the law of Army of People's Will). At that let's introduce one incredible condition - electors are clever to such an extent that they elect those who have experience of creation.

Everything's clear with the president - Batka has no competitors, while who will vote for the rest "political" "elite" of these "independent" states? Who will need these stinking corpses?


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