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Consumer Basket Became Symbol of Our Epoch

Consumer Basket Became Symbol of Our Epoch
Еlisaveta Alexandrova 26.11.2008

What Trotsky with his permanent revolution failed to do appeared to be possible to the fathers of the globalization leaning on the most numerous class - inhabitants. "Consumers of all countries incorporate!" - became the main precept of a modern religion. Narrow-mindedness is international because zoology is cosmopolitic and all are equal before a counter. Cataclysms of the last century, output of a mankind from biological captivity under banners of communism and fascism turned back total weariness, restoration of the animal nature and festivity of vulgar Epicureanism. Natural needs, food and sex came to the fore covered ideological disagreements, resolved disputes about happiness, put the end under the dreams of light future. Consumer basket became a symbol of our epoch, today gives answers to all question in money's worth.

Billions of one-dimensional people as locust attack supermarkets, as hypnotized night-walkers they go past the shelves in their artificial labyrinths. It seems they will wander so thousand years, adhering to advertising instead of pastors, as Jews in desert eating manna of hamburgers and modified products. Every day life substituted existence, struggle for survival was replaced by rush behind comfort. What is it - the end of history or spiritual apocalypse? Aggressive mediocrity triumphs everywhere, narrow-mindedness became a calling card of television "intellectuals".

Intellectual art is superseded into the side and its place is occupied by creativity of lunatics. Modern cultural researches are being associated with performances, installations and destructive language designs imitating avant-gardes of the beginning of XX century. The burnt desert of modern culture exists as an appendage of the counter and its unsightly show-window does not please the eye even by its sickly originality. It is a law of the market.

When art became a product, the skating roll of a masscult threw dirt at all talented, having left energetic lacks of talent on a surface. Their images duplicated by electronic mass-media demand religious worship and hand-made articles of the Hollywood factory of nightmares appear cult. Modern history is represented as indefinitely delayed serial. If in a thousand years the main world news will be gossips from life of Hollywood "stars"? If even then spiritual needs of the society will be satisfied with creators of mass culture?

We are being assured that peoples thirst it, ignoring educational force of art, overlooking that "people are clean sheet of paper on which is possible to put any hieroglyph". Actually under hypocritical slogans of a free competition culture of one country is being imposed. If the Arab, Hindu or Russian is so interested in essential problems of the Americans, if the American way of life - the unique standard? Why the world is allocated a role of the domestics spying in a keyhole of master's apartments?

Triumph of communistic idea together with authority of Moscow carried to less developed countries brotherly help, new factories with thousand workplaces and free-of-charge public health services. While what did seventeen-year undivided authority of the USA give to the world? Crushed Yugoslavia? Destroyed Iraq? If the world breathes freely? The further, the more visible it is that world owners care only of their pockets and not of ideology distributing struggle against ideology.

Liberators from the iron heel of the USSR demand not smaller submission, offering in exchange only infinite declarations on human rights. Russia today experiences epoch of stagnation, in comparison with which Brezhnev's times - a storm. Then there was a latent public life, kitchen conversations were the response of the intelligency to the current events and its opinion was different from official one. Now they voluntary make as obligatory all undertakings of authorities, TV, disaccustoming to think independently, became a finger.

The state life in Brezhnev's times was habitually sated - either Olympiad won, or the next ship lofted, or the factory - giant was built. Today's period of stagnation seems to be forever - short is the time of high prices for fuel. As English journalist accredited in Petersburg wrote: "The destiny of Carthage is prepared to Russia. It will start, spoken language of the Bible, to cut wood and to scoop water for financial tycoons of modern Russia and the Western Europe".

These prophecies relate to 1917! Now we, really, cut wood for raw material and scoop oil instead of water. Fathers and grandfathers removed the ruin on seventy years, impudent self-promoted workers of the ninetieth auctioned the country off. At that half of population of Russia appeared below the breadline, Moscow became the most expensive city of the world in which seventy four billionaires lived. The Soviet authority was replaced by neo-feudalism, oligarches and corrupt officials headed financial pyramid which was doomed to be scattered as a house of cards with falling of prices on energy material. If this international project is our national idea?

Degradation of last decades provided also rough revival of a medieval relict: Church serving a consumer society is one more phenomenon of modern Russia. Temples appeared as mushrooms on a place of thousand closed scientific research institutes, Russia from which only the name remained has only to rely upon God. Modern Josephite serve faithfully to authorities, as their predecessors they also obsequiously are ready for sale accusing Nonpossessors in heresy.

"There is no redemption outside of church!" - usurping God they sell indulgences canonizing as before the high and mighties. The role of ideological department of "Edinaya Russia" Is assigned to the church, it executes it, having turned in spiritual KGB, with the same eagerness as it supported earlier imperial autocracy. The duels arising on ground of mentioned honour seem irrational in our century of a prudent pragmatism. "Nothing's personal", - they bomb today in a pursuit of profit and the mankind more and more resembles a huge machine, callous mechanical octopus subordinated to the will of economic laws.

In atomized society peoples show amazing humility, their leaders do not cause contempt when they faithfully look in eyes to the transatlantic Big Brother being built in turns before his main entrance. Democratic tolerance and political correctness cover the uttermost indifference to destinies of the nation. Any humiliations will be endured for the goods in supermarkets and, what's worse, national interests, future of children and grandsons will be betrayed. Ethnic recedes on background of economic, internationalization of capitals leads to destruction of the traditionally formed states. We are being repeated about the world without borders but geographical borders have been replaced by much more stronger ones - monetary. Formation of the international government occurs behind the closed doors, leaving the rest to take part in a farce of national elections. The spiritual condition of the society is characterized, apparently, not by a mode, a form of production and a level of technical progress but a power of its members. Today the hot phase of revolutions and wars of XX century in the cracked phase of obscuration was replaced with a cold apocalypse.

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