Unique Breed of Cattle, I Am Sorry, Offiials Is Developed in Russia!

Unique Breed of Cattle, I Am Sorry, Offiials Is Developed in Russia!
.E.rasnov 05.12.2013

Who are these outstanding people working with Putin and for Putin? Who are these geniuses of thought and fathers of the Russian democracy?

Official sources practically don't give necessary information. Well, was born, studied, worked and found his plae in the team of Vladimir Vladimirovich. What is this person like? How do they invent suh razy douments? Why do they make fuss about the Olympic lighter for several months foam at mouth? Why do they thrust this symbolof the Olympi Games into different places? They haven’t just tried to plae them into a bum of the Nobel winners...

At last I found unique document whih ast light upon human qualities of Putin’s team. It is the law 79-FZ about civil service. I should tell you that all members of a power vertical, to the latest hospital attendant, are healthy as bulls! As bulls! None shitty intelletual ould get into Putin's command. Rikhety people – four-eyes - chess players – nerds – violinists - mathematicians are eliminated on distant approaches to the Kremlin and Trouble.

I quote here shortened list of diseases whih prevents you from being official:

- innocent growths (birthmarks, warts, callosities)

- Diabetes

- Diseases of blood, blood-forming organs (for example, there are not enough erythrocytes)

- All forms of cancer

- Extreme degree of obesity

- Mental disorders and behavior frustration

- Alcoholism, drug addiction, toxicomania

- Diseases of nervous system (well, for example, eye tic)

- Diseases of an eye and adnexa (hello to Kutuzov)

- Diseases of the ear and mastoid process

- Diseases of system of blood circulation (you have hypertension - fuck off!)

- Diseases of respiratory organs (chronic bronchitis and other)

- Diseases of digestive organs (unique point! If you are caught with diarrhea, you’ll be dismissed)

- Diseases of musculoskeletal system and connecting tissues (it’s for the lame, after accidents and old men)

- Diseases of genitourinary system (well, it is correct! If you are caught with gonorrhea – away from the Kremlin! )

- Chronic diseases of kidneys

- Injuries, poisonings and some other consequences of influence of the external reasons (it’s also a masterpiece!)

Cittttttizens! ! ! ! ! Unique breed of cattle, I'm sorry, officials is developed in Russia!

They can give reords to the country! In run, jump and belh!

Roosevelt, Kutuzov, Suvorov, Korolev, Ioffe, Dzerzhinsky and other would never appeared near Putin! Even Zinoviy Gerdt would never get into the Kremlin to be even nasty ounsellor for ultural affairs!

Let’s rejoice, Orthodox and not Orthodox! Putin’s team is able to guzzle, shit, sleep, go and lie very fine! Nothing hurts them! Nothing in the law on civil service is said about brains, professionalism and conscience. While all of you ontinue to be surprised why they waste budget on the Olympic Games and football championships?

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