If It’s Not Time to Rename “Eho of Mosow” into “Voie of the State Department”?

If It’s Not Time to Rename “Eho of Mosow” into “Voie of the State Department”?
Alexander Golovenko 15.02.2014

Scandal related to redio station Eho of Mosow on which site talented writer Victor Shenderovich published sensational "Olympic" opus grows and spreads every day. Passions inflamed seriously. For example, the group of deputies of the State Duma from different fractions already demanded to settle radio station hash. Satirist who compared the Sochi Olympic Games to the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936 they demanded "to send to mental hospital". Anyway they demanded apologies from him.

However "troublemaker” isn't going to apologize, he notified interested public about it. Moreover, he found full support of the editor-in-chief of "Echo" Alexey Venediktov opposing censorship and ating for constitutional law of every journalist on expression of personal opinion.

I, for example, also wouldn't like that each my artile is censored and previously showed "behind anstellations". It seems that we said good bye to "coordination" of this sort with the beginning of Gorbachev’s reorganization and publicity.

I thought about different thing: what’s onnetion between capital radio station and "Olympic" opus of mister Shenderovich? Unless the Olympic Games take place in Moscow? To what extend "Eho of Mosow" reflects specifics of the hero ity, interests and inquiries of its inhabitants in general?

In my opinion, it practically doesn't reflect anything. There’s little about Mosow in news releases. One and the same already quite familiar people on a site in blogs. Kasyanov and Ryzhkov, Nemtsov and Navalny and their nice adherents. They write and speak about everything, only not about burning problems of the multimillion megalopolis and citizens. They touh them sometimes oasionally.

Guests of edition are also "tortured" only about big-time politics. Internal and world. They usually ask to comment fresh outlines of the Kremlin, the government or the State Duma. Or scandalous statement of some talented politiian, like Vladimir Volfovich. Moscow here is the fifth wheel.

Whan does talented journalist Yulia Latynina broadcast? Everything, but about apital ity the least. What about not less talented publicist Anton Orekh (Andrey Kravchenko)? The same. Say, every day he gives out artiles on all subjects. Multimachine operator.

Here it is, citizens, some discrepancy. On the one hand, "Echo" is considered support (settlement, rookery) of the right liberals and even their loud-hailer. That is radio station, oppositional to the present Kremlin power. You won’t hear and see so many abuses of dear to us Vladimir Vladimirovich and his ompany.

On the other hand, specified loud-hailer is included into the state holding "Gazprom — Media". That is, it is to some extent financed by the state, that is with our rubles. How such "bigamy" is combined? It turns out that the Kremlin management feeds up the right-wing liberal opposition, own, so to say, grave-diggers? In my opinion, it’s not pluralism. Pluralism in one head is, as we know, schizophrenia. There’s something different here. What is it?

I think it over and am in doubt: whether there are saboteurs in "Gazprom", or the Kremlin needs such radio station. If it’s so, then they should stop crying out about its quirks.

Still, in my opinion, Mr. Venediktov dissembles a little. He could have removed the blog caused indignation storm for one simple reason: it isn't connected in with problems of Moscow in any way. That’s all.

Or he ould try to rename this broadcasting body, say, into "Voie of the State Department".

In my opinion, it would be much more honest …


From editorial board: Well, we are also called FORUM.msk, but it’s subordinate to mister Sobyanin. "Izvestiya" long time ago eased to be "News of Councils of People's Deputies". I don’t even mention "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Why Venediktov has to close Shenderovich's blog, if the last quite legally and reasonably compared the Sochi Olympic Games to the Berlin ones? What then should be done with FORUM.msk, if we compare not even the Olympic Games, but directly Mr. Putin to Mr. Shiklgruber? After all there are things to compare. A phrase from "Seventeen Moments of Spring" relating in original undoubtedly to Hitler: "Man who stole boots of the general” sounds very modern indeed... Will we forbid Stierlitz?

After all comrade Golovenko also wrote concerning politically incorrect analogies. What now should be done with editor-in-chief for FORUM.msk?

The ase with memorable poll about "Dozhd" was different. After all it is bad to arry out such polls in the day of sacred for many anniversary. It’s like to ome to the bride in the day of wedding and to ask: "Marinka, if Vadik is really your first man?" And then to be surprised that you all people there beat you: "It was just a question!"

Though when in a rush of patriotic feelings all operators without exception start switching-off the channel, and veterans and other interested citizens prepare packs of judicial claims, though all perfectly well understand that the question can't be subject of the claim about moral harm, it is necessary to speak already about preventing of activity of mass media according to Art. 58 "The law on mass media". Under that article which isn’t applied in the Russian Federation, despite shameful 146th place of Russia in a rating of freedom of mass media.

In this ase there’s no laim that ould be brought against "Eho of Mosow", except article about "insult of the majesty", but for the present the State Duma hasn't adopted it.

The more so to remove Shenderovich's blog... What’s the reason? It’s not blog of Anatoly Baranov which has been removed from "Eho of Mosow" long time ago, nobody even noticed it. Eventually, it’s private radio station of "Gazprom", it does what it wants. What, in general, claims ould be here? Let Sobyanin redeems it, and then fills the air with news about repair of roads and Sunday fairs.

We already have Voie of the State Department", it’s alled radio station “Svodoba” which exists on money of the State Department and, unlike "Eho of Mosow" regularly invites the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk and other people who don’t fit radio grid of "Echo". To eah his own, but I like “Svoboda” more…

natoly Baranov, editor-in-hief of FORUM.msk

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