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A New Beginning

A New Beginning
Tatyana Volkova 20.08.2013

"A New Beginning" is the name of Barack Obama's speech at Cairo University delivered by him in 2009 soon after election him the president. Already during election campaign Obama promised to address Muslims from the capital of the Islamic state; the press secretary of the White House noted then that Egypt was chosen because "it is the country which in many respects represents heart of the Arab world".

Press considered that saying it Obama would try to improve relations of the USA with the Muslim world which had seriously worsened during presidency of George Bush Jr. The Islamic brotherhood was beyond law in Egypt, however Obama's administration insisted that 10 representatives of that organization were allowed to visit that performance.

The Arab spring with various degrees of intensity thundered in 2010 in the Islamic world from Western Sahara to Kuwait. Spring — love time and love is a bullet which passes through heart, strongly hits the pocket and very often backfires. Actually, that was the essense of the plan: to affect the heart of the Arab world to reach its purse. As the White House told Egypt is the heart, whereas, as all know, Saudi Arabia is its purse.

There was nothing new in this "A New Beginning". The plan, as usually, was constructed on the classical scenario of the movie "The Kid": kids from Al-Qaeda and Islamic brotherhood will smash out glasses, then the tramps from the Pentagon will come to install them. In transactions of racketeers with police officers protecting business this plain scheme is called "to come and smooth". It's worked out in campaign plans of CIA in details how to bring Islamic radicals on backyard of Arab Peninsula — in Yemen and how to raise the heat of the Arab spring to a level when the Saudis will feel that it's hot. After that they will rush to the Americans with their purses atilt.

The USA which already felt hot in Afghanistan where they sat up late since the times of "twin towers", would have withdrawn its armies from there as Obama promised during the same election campaign, only they had no place to bring them instead. Unless to carry home a crowd of contract employees with broken mentality? Barack Obama almost hid nothing: "For last 10 years we wasted one trillion dollars on wars, during this period our external debt only grew and economy fell. Now our task is to create new workplaces, to lift industry and to live within means. The most important thing is: it's time to unite after decade of disputes ".

I don't know what he meant saying about creation of new workplaces during hopeless crisis (here presidential speech writers probably got worked up), but to keep at least part of old workplaces they need both orders for war industry and non-admission of the army of jobless veterans to the country. There is no need to think how to unite, everything is thought up long ago: let's merge unanimously with terror in war ecstasy, moreover it could be done at the expense of the Saudi Arabia. The Saudi leaders are at least not sillier, than the American and understand it, but they have not so many good moves. They can't openly support fight against Islamic radicalism — people won't understand it, but to invest into stabilization of the situation in Egypt is not the worst tactics for them; at last they chose it.

The American administration with UN structures controlled by it, "Hamas", the European Union and NATO as well as "Al-Qaeda on the Sinai Peninsula" are engaged in destabilization of the heart of the Arab world, Egypt, with different degree of activity, however the greatest danger is posed by the fifth, internal column — Islamic brotherhood. As a result of revolution of 2011 organized by means of four external columns Islamic brotherhood, having used natural aspiration of people to changes, left underground and seized power. Active participant of that organization who got scientific degree at the University of South California, worked as the teacher at the Californian State University and worked in NASA Dr. Mohamed Morsi became the president of the country; according to the Egyptian counterintelligence he is the agent of the American intelligence services.

Then everything occurred according to the same scenario which they try to act out now: "Day of Anger", appeals of the world community to observe the rights of extremists, release of activists of the forbidden movement "Muslim Brotherhood" and fighters of the Palestinian organization "Hamas" from prisons, Obama's requirement to the president of Egypt to resign immediately and immediate termination of criticism of human rights violations after arrival of radicals to the power. The president of Israel Shimon Peres told then: "Whatever they say about the president Mubarak, from our part we sincerely thank him for continuous actions in interests of the world and stability in the Middle East". Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "Islamic movement can take control over the state as it already occurred in Iran and other countries". The king of Saudi Arabia Abdalla who sharply condemned disorders, having told that they were inspired from outside, was even more sharp.

Concern expressed then by neighbors of Egypt was amicably ignored by the "world community", but the Egyptian people quickly got bothered to live under the power of people the majority of whom read only one book in their life and woke up every day in alarm: "What did we forget to forbid?", the army overthrew the power of sleepwalkers who constantly mixed orders from Langley with the will of Allah. Ahmed Shafik, the colleague of Mubarak, won last elections by a slender majority; then to avoid excitements generals garbled results and gave victory to Mohamed Morsi, however now they are firmly sure of the national support.

It seems that everything went on the second circle: "Day of Anger" again, renewal of squeal of the defenders of human rights, but that time old trick failed. When zero hour came and Obama called the Egyptian Minister of Defence to demand his resignation, general al-Sisi didn't pick up the phone, his line was occupied by more important interlocutor — the Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan. Obama was politely advised to talk to the interim president of Egypt who all the same didn't decide anything, but the White House refused. The only lever of influence on the Egyptians in Obama's hands — the American help to Egypt expressed in the sum over billion dollars annually, however king Abdalla already approved the Saudi program of help — twelve billions.

Israelis don't prevent the Egyptian army acting against "Al-Qaeda on the Sinai Peninsula", they even render the Egyptian colleagues prospecting and if necessary fire support, without advertizing it. Efforts of U.S. State Department on release of terrorists from the Egyptian prisons wasn't crowned with success. Moreover, Saad al-Shater, the son of the detained the leader of "Muslim Brotherhood" Hayrat al-Shater, declared in the interview to Anatoliysky news agency that high-ranking delegation of the USA in Egypt knew well that destiny, future, interests and reputation of their country was in hands of his father who had sufficient materials to put Obama into prison. I don't think that Obama was so careless to provide allies direct proofs of his criminal activity, I am ready to assume "stuffing" from the part of the Egyptian counterintelligence, but anyway the State Department every day looses opportunities to defend position of the White House remaining clean.

The State Department, certainly, isn't idle and Kerry managed to agree with Israelis to release certain number of terrorists of "Hamas", however Egyptians blew up more than one hundred tunnels connecting the Gaza Strip with the Egyptian Sinai, having left only those with which owners they reached certain agreements. Administration of the USA hardly stands fight in the Congress against combined efforts of the Saudi and Israeli lobbyists supporting present Egyptian management.

The American administration does its best to set all by the ears, but most likely secular government in Egypt, as well as in Syria, will break ridge to fighters. Forces which don't depend on the USA become stronger in the camp of Islamists every day. Al-Qaeda lost support of the population and practically ceased to exist as organization; its so-called head Ayman az-Zavakhiri has no influence. Administration of the USA should hurry up, 2014 is on the bow and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan where Talibs will again come to the power, Dr. az-Zavakhiri will be able to move from Vaziristan to Kandahar or some other places where he still has old acquaintances.

Two years remain before next elections of the president of the USA. Process of elimination of CIA stations in these provinces will probably last about one and a half years during which az-Zavakhiri will remain in Northern Vaziristan between the cities of Miranshakhs and Mir-Ali (where he has house) or in Southern Vaziristan (he doesn't go further). Egypt will resist therefore the American government will concentrate on implementation of the program-minimum: propaganda machine of the USA will even more often receive stuffings about "intercepted calls" of this person to Yemen in which he talks about his devil plans, he will be "seen" in the most unexpected places like Sudan or Somalia, whereas "from Yemen" they will receive more and more disturbing messages. Besides, television and press will again make a mountain of unprecendented sizes out a molehill "Al-Qaeda".

To avoid more and more mass penetration of "international crews" of fighters from Yemen inspired by the USA Saudi Arabia will agree to pay for the American invasion into this defenseless country. As a result of long-term laborious work of NSA and CIA az-Zavakhiri will be at last found — where do you think? Surprise! — in Vaziristan and will be heroically sacrificed at the altar of Moloch or CNN, or some other god of war with terror they have. Obama will be able to retire and find good job in councils of important corporations, the American president as assassin from a joke worries now about one thing: "I am afraid that something would happen to him".

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