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How Much Child’s Life Cost?

How Much Child’s Life Cost?
Semen Karnov 18.08.2013

"Hurry up for Good Deeds!"

F.P.Gaaz, pediatrician, prison doctor


Open meeting on questions of legislative protection of life took place on August, 12, 2013 in the Central House of Journalist. A bill prepared by initiative group providing ban of abortions as well as other technologies which enable to kill unborn children was discussed during the action. Site "Evraziya.Org" in which creation was engaged scandalous politician A.Dugin reports about it.

Edition also reports that the bill developed by the Russian pro-lifers ("defenders of life") provides criminal punishment first of all for doctors. Question about responsibility of a woman remained open. According to the president of the International festival "For Life" Sergey Chesnokov, alternative sanctions, for example – fines, have to be provided.

Easy riders from the Russian Orthodox Church already anticipate loud trials over punishment of doctors agreed to carry out abortion. In my opinion, these people are quite silly. They don't understand that any legislative ban of abortions will cause emergence of the criminal market of interruption of pregnancy. Illegal abortions will be carried out in the same medical institutions where they are carried out legally.

Really, unless the Russian power has no other subjects for discussion, except as "to allow abortions", or "to forbid abortions". As if mass phenomena of suicide of old men and teenagers, domestic crimes are eradicated in the country, as if they don't kill "hopeless" patients in hospitals of Moscow for the sake of receiving donor organs and fabrics (recently I personally saw Internet site where well-wishers try to sell kidneys with indication of HLA type for ensuring immunological compatibility; pure doctors-executioners-professionals – all in one).

The problem of decrease in number of abortions is more than actual for the Russian society. Not because "murder" of non born child is considered by mercenary figures from church as "crime". This manipulation which is carried out in thousands medical centers of cities of Russia, first of all, cripples health of women. Loss of reproductive health because of unskilled intervention is much more terrible event, than "murder" of unnecessary to indifferent parents child. Though there could be different opinions...

If you, the reader, know how hard it is for people to bear understanding that you couldn’t ever have children? I know. I saw such patients with my own eyes, it’s impossible to describe their pain and despair using words.

I am convinced there are no unnecessary children, there are bad parents whom don’t need their children. Very few people in the Russian society where behind a mask of so-called "humanity" unclaimed children are handed over from maternity hospitals to baby house and then are rigidly brought up in orphanage understand how life of such abandoned children develops further. Usually they live till 18 years in orphanage, then leave it and having tried for some time to find their place in adult life owing to combination of circumstances join ranks of criminals.

Or they commit suicide. During a trip to Izhevsk I was deeply impressed by circumstances of detection of a body of the teenager who jumped from high-rise building directly across the road from children's home. There were traces from cuts from razor and traces from burns on the hands of the corpse, probably, it was done by his peers. In a note which was found on skyscraper roof, the boy was sorry and damned those who brought him to suicide. "Forgive me all, I have no more life, there is no world, no me".

Only very cruel person could remain indifferent to the problem of protection of life of children. Usually it could be done by sick cynics, or those who never saw children's death with own eyes. In my opinion if possibility of abortion is considered not according to unconditional vital indications and not owing to existence of data in favor of frailty of a child, the doctor has to spare no efforts to dissuade mother from the decision to interrupt pregnancy.

You will ask, what about those who can't plan pregnancy owing to a lack of means, what to do with those for whom child-bastard will be burden in life? Dear reader, if our society is really so indifferent and cruel that it won’t take charge of such children and to present them sweets of life? After all work of pediatricians, teachers, children's psychologists will also be small miracle. We are capable to make such miracles!

Birth rate in Russia, certainly, should be regulated. It is necessary to propagandize methods of planning of family, to advertize contraception, to improve technology of performance of abortions to do them safer for life of mother and not to deprive her of opportunity to have children again when there will be necessary for this purpose conditions.

Even state and church bureaucrats like to say that forbidden fruit is sweet. I beg you not to sweeten this fruit, if we actually talk about causing of death even if the person is still unborn!

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