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The Court Held That Ponomarev Didn’t Steal Money of “Skolkovo”

The Court Held That Ponomarev Didn’t Steal Money of “Skolkovo”

Gagarinsky court of Moscow partially satisfied claim of Skolkovo Foundation to the deputy Ilya Ponomarev, having recovered from him 2,728 million rubles. In its claim Skolkovo Foundation asked to recover from Ponomarev 9 million rubles for the course of lectures given by him.

Earlier official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin reported that investigation intends to bring criminal case against Ponomarev within legal investigation of payments to him of money from the part of Skolkovo Foundation and will insist on deprivation of his parliamentary immunity.

- Certainly, Ponomarev a friend of mine and I am biased, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. – Though arithmetician science is objective, isn't it? Here we see – the company where one thief supervised the other thief demands Ponomarev to return money which is paid to him for certain work. Meanwhile this work cost slightly more – we should add at least one zero to initial figure. What kind of work is it? It’s such work that after it a heap of stone heads can justify their existence and steal figures with larger number of zeroes absolutely trouble-free. What is the most important is that nobody objected when Ponomarev worked out those 750 thousand dollars over and above, in fact he spent almost of them for execution of that work. If not for some order from above, nobody would recollect about this ridiculous at present sum of money. Our football players are paid ten times more, but nobody ask about efficiency of expenses for kicking of a ball.

"As we know, we have the most humane and fair in the world, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - It adjudged Ponomarev to return 2,7 million rubles from 9 which he spent. That is no matter which way you look at it, it turns out that Ponomarev worked out 6,3 million and reported about the work done in such a way that it convinced the court which, if desired, is able not to hear obvious things. That is Ponomarev failed to justify less than a third on the books which would satisfy court. It means that Skolkovo Foundation would have to apologize before him at least, after all they claimed that he didn't do anything in general, that he simply took money and that’s all. If it means that it’s such fund – everyone who wants could come and take money? It is clear that they paid for something and then decided to take money back, using simple language it’s called – they decided to “sucker” him. It is absolutely not clear how general Markin who demanded criminal prosecution of the deputy will look in the face of Ponomarev after it. What’s the reason? It turns out that two thirds of the sum was spent absolutely lawfully. What about one third? It turns out to be nonsense. There’s no “criminal offence” here, it’s a dispute of economic entities. Party "Skolkovo" in this dispute looks blameworthy".

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