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Putin Confirmed All What Was Earlier Said about Pseudo-Elections in Moscow

Putin Confirmed All What Was Earlier Said about Pseudo-Elections in Moscow

Protest vote on elections of the Mayor of Moscow was caused by reaction of Muscovites to "official conceit", the president of Russia Vladimir Putin declared during inauguration of Sergey Sobyanin who won elections of the capital governor. Inauguration ceremony on the air was broadcasted by TV channel Russia-24.

According to Putin, protest vote taking place on elections was directed not against Sergey Sobyanin, but against arbitrariness of officials. The president noted that Sobyanin doesn’t have such quality as "official conceit". According to Putin, elections which took place on September, 8, 2013 passed in competitive fight, without pressure and attempts to distort their results.

"I am sure that nobody voted against Sobyanin. Why should someone vote against him? He didn’t make anything bad for a short period of work".


From editorial board: For a start Putin confirmed that the power needed from citizens only one thing – to come to elections. Electoral commission will make all the rest. Now Putin can safely say that elections passed "in competitive fight, without pressure and attempts to distort".

Indirectly Putin confirmed that for more than 2 years Sobyanin didn't make anything that would be remarkable for anyone, except a tile, but Putin didn't say anything about it. Nevertheless it’s celebration. That is Muscovites by and large had no reasons to vote either pro, or contra Sobyanin. Muscovites voted against system, that system which was created to some extend personally by Putin, Sobyanin also took feasible part in it. It’s system – it doesn’t matter how you vote, you will still receive Sobyanin...

After all the system is really extremely boorish and the matter is not only that officials behave as if they have just won Moscow and are surrounded by hostile population. Citizens are not asked about anything in general. There was indignation in relation to the same tile! Expensive and necessary to nobody business still proceeds, the city is tiled even where it contradicts its historical shape.

Let’s recollect paid parkings in the center! It was bad, but now it’s even worse! No voice pro, all contra, but city administration is already going to expand experience up to limits of the Garden Ring Road.

There are also new initiatives which are direct consequence of pseudo-elections, after all now everything is possible, the power is ”legitimate" and acts now as though having trust mandate from Muscovites. Now a question of entrance to the city of cars with foreign numbers and drivers with foreign driving licenses is discussed in Moscow. It is interesting why it’s possible to travel freely in any European city with the Russian driving licenses and in the Russian car, while there will be some restrictions in the capital of Russia? It’s to the question of the international agreements which the city government intends "to correct" using its power.

At last paid evacuation - 5 thousand for a small car and 7 for bigger car – appears again, plus one thousand for each day of pound. Public managed to cancel that legitimized robbery on the roads even at authoritative Luzhkov. Robbery returns at "legitimate" Sobyanin. That is what Putin calls "he made nothing bad".

Well, everything’s clear with Putin who has just gained the same "legitimacy" at the expense of the same Navalny and the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

What should we do now? To prepare for "elections" of the next year where we again will be deceived?


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