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Revolution Is Postponed. Navalny Loves Us

Revolution Is Postponed. Navalny Loves Us
Baranov Anatoly 12.09.2013

Meeting on Bolotnaya Square which would have become "Moscow Maidan" didn’t become such for objective reason – there were not enough of those who wished to lay down in the basis of the wonderful new world, though there were quite enough participants for mass action. Certainly, organizers told stories about 60 thousand, but the authorities of the capital also lied about 9 thousand. There were about fifteen thousand which is enough for meeting, though it’s not enough for revolution. Though the weather was good.

Of course, the question is not in quantitative indices, but, so to say, in the quality of human material and it was too good to rumple hairdress and to tear jackets from Cardin.

Democratic public of former times disappeared - meeting was conducted by political strategist Volkov who became known during the time of frauds with elections into Coordination Council of opposition. Convict Ofitserov known for his faultless reputation also acted there. There was one more young man who expressed general rush: "Navalny loves us!"

It happened before appearance of the one who was long waited. I passed it in the Soviet period, this all is described in every textbook about hypno-suggestive therapy: it is necessary to make the patient waiting, it prepares him for suggestion best of all. Then theory and practice of domestic suggestology were developed by Kashpirovsky who transferred methods of individual suggestion on the crowd... Those who gathered on Bolotnaya didn't study it, at least not all.

Here HE comes.

— Do we believe in our victory?

— Yes!

— Do you believe me?

— Yes!

— Do I believe you?

— Yes!

Alexey Navalny declared the birth of real opposition in Russia. According to him, political movement which defends interests of the majority appeared in Russia during his pre-election campaign.

There was no opposition in Russia before. Those people who died under automatic fire in 1993 were not real opposition. Now we have real opposition.

Even earlier Alexey Navalny opened journalistic investigation for Russia, we didn't have anything of the kind before. The fact that Shchekochikhin was poisoned doesn’t matter. Now we have true journalist investigation.

In general yesterday Russia was empty and faceless and only Alexey Navalny's spirit flied over the waters. He told: "Let there be light!" And light appeared...

His result on elections Navalny called "victory", having explained it that every third voter voted for him. Navalny also noted that he got on elections more, than candidates from other oppositional political movements and parties. He called them for cooperation, but noted that he represents the leading oppositional force which they need to be followed.

There was no arithmetic in Russia, otherwise how it’s possible to tell that 632 697 people who voted for Navalny make third of 7 250 879 registered voters? 630 thousand is a third of 7 million? When there was no arithmetic in Russia, it was called one twelfth.

In general only a little bit more than 2 million people voted from 7. It is less than one third. Even if to trust to “authoritative” sources. It’s almost boycott of elections from the vast majority of voters. If not for Navalny’s scabbing, boycott would be full and we would soon live in different country.

"Victory" is in general favourite Navalny’s subject. We already had "victory" after elections into the State Duma where “United Russia” got 52 percent that allowed it to invent plenty of unpleasant laws for reporting period. May be overestimated results of the CPRF, LDPR and Fair Russia could be regarded of Navalny’s “victory”, after all that were his appeals to go to elections and to vote for everyone except authorities?

Perhaps, Putin's election at high voter turnout that allowed him to carry out large-scale provocation on May, 6th and to begin police repressions against opposition – don’t feel sorry for them, it’s "artificial" opposition, it became real only now - was "victory" of Navalny.

Well, undoubted "victory" of Alexey Navalny is Sobyanin's election at turnout in 33 percent. Perhaps it’s high time to make report at least before his supporters for a “winning streak”? Not likely! He is a god! Gods don't make reports before people.

"I know how to turn political car into a steam skating rink which will crush "United Russia"," — Navalny declared finally. I know it, but I will not tell it to anybody. Bye. So that "United Russia" won’t escape. If he is going to sell shares of MMM?

It’s curious that there were a lot of left, members of the Russian Socialist Movement and even a half of the Left Front remained not in prison among "witnesses of Navalny". That is it... Though it is clear: while Udaltsov shone on the tribunes not worse, than Navalny, the Left Front observed growth of ranks. It is clear that it happened not only at the expense of ideological youth, but also at the account of young men seeking whom to lean on. Now Udaltsov is arrested and is almost closed for press, Razvozzhayev is in prison, Sakhnin is in hiding, it is necessary to find someone to lean on. Some moved to Zyuganov, but things there are not too perspective and everything’s occupied by other young careerists. While places next to Navalny are free now...

I think they hurry too early. Navalny carried out his task, he provided legitimacy of Sobyanin’s elections. Moaning about recounting of votes without Maidan is simple moaning which tomorrow will be simply forgotten, today they can simply don’t pay attention to it. Conversations that city administration has to come to Navalny testify that there’s nothing to talk about here. Though they will reduce his term.

Elimination of liberal opposition became passing effect from Navalny, it will not recover from this “victory” any more. Note, Navalny doesn't recollect RPR-PARNAS which moved him forward. Moreover, it’s HE who "represents leading oppositional force", not some parties.

It is high time for new forces which haven't been soiled in Navalny’s victories to move forward on the history arena.

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