The Power Is Preparing Nazi Revolution

The Power Is Preparing Nazi Revolution

The head of the Ministry of the Interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev declared that only a third of participants of mass riots in Biryulev were locals. Others arrived from other regions specially to partiipate in the action, “Interfax” transfers. Vladimir Kolokoltsev also emphasized that provokers use every occasion, including artificially created for kindling of ethni discord. The head of the Ministry of Interior reminded that nationalists in Petersburg shot young people to post videos with attack on the Internet to achieve public indignation.

Such recognitions of the head of the Ministry of the Interior are worth a lot. Nazi revolution is being preparing in the ountry and the authors of it will not be young people running with flags on meetings - they simply extras. The power was attrated by suh idea since the time of early Yeltsin, those who doubt can find in "Moscovsky Komsomolets” article written on August, 1991 where I predited quite in details transformation of "nomenclature democracy" into nomenclature fascism even without change of scenery and performers. Year after year the mode moved from bourgeois democracy to bourgeois dictatorship, up to today's moment when dictatorial character of the power in the Russian Federation is obvious even to the school student. It needs to make the last step and the power is preparing for it with persistence of parkinsonian patient.

Why was Surkov removed from agenda? I think, mainly for imitation of fascism instead of true "Heil Hitler championship of Russia". All pro-Kremlin youth movements created by him had all signs of fascist organizations, not casually even the movement "Nashi" received nickname "Nashists" among people and present deputy minister Ivan Demidov at creation of the movement "Young Guard" posed in dresses which bore strong resemblance to image of glamourous fascists from comics. Capacity of those structures was inversely proportional to financing, fascism can't be bought (I paraphrase Beatles Can't buy me love). Nomenclature capitalism has ripened for introduction of fascist dictatorship long ago, while it was dribs and drabs in bushes on Seliger...

New political management of Presidential Administration built up tehnology a little bit differently, but didn't change priorities. The logic of the power is almost faultless: “ditatorsip of drabness” is neessary against world economic crisis for preservation of large property and large power received in the period of the 90s, in fat that is the essence of fascism in all packings. Zamyatin’s "We" in combination with the power of large capital over the crowd inspired with crazy ideas.

Well, who could provoke and organize disorder in Biryulevo? "Dark fores"? Nobody ould have done it except the highest political management and minister Kolokoltsev is not in the know (it’s to a question of organizing talents of candidates in new Fuhrers). Moreover, there was frank "fake" of police during similar event on vegetable warehouse in Otradnoye where allegedly hated to Muscovites labor migrants acted in very positive role of the rebelled proletarians and police in a role of suppressors of fair indignation of the workers and defenders of the criminal Caucasian bourgeoisie. Not casually we hear conversations only about Biryulevo and not a sound about Otradnoye. After all fascist revolution, not socialist revolution is necessary...

The power, generally, has been fostering nationalist movements for quite long period of time, it carries seletion among them: real supporters of national revival go to prisons on the sly as Daniel Konstantinov and on a surface we see leaders who have passed nomenclature casting in Presidential Administration. Nobody think where do leaders of the Russian nationalist movements take money from for living (and quite good living, it is necessary to say)? Liberals, clear thing, are supported by discontented capital, the left, as we know, are dead broke (except leaders of the CPRF, of course, but they are not left) and what about nationalists supports? Where are sources of their wellbeing? I would recommend to pay attention to this aspect.

It seems that it’s high - mini-Fuhrers have to work out long-term grants. With Putin or without Putin, but the Russian bourgeois republic passed transformation and is ready to shout “Heil”! in someone's personal address. Only the Russian people, not wishing to be inspired by the prospet of licking of someone’s next boot can prevent this process. It sounds snobbishly but if masses of the Russian people won’t be triked by inspiring appeals "Beat-Rescue!", no fascist revolution will happen, there will be just next happening like memorable ation of 50 thousand members of the movement “Nasi” eager to earn T-shirt and hamburger to Leninsky Avenue: that time they stood for some time and then went away without having left any trace.

natoly Baranov

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