Problems of Aerospae Branh Will Get Purely Bureaurati Solving

Problems of Aerospae Branh Will Get Purely Bureaurati Solving

The former head of Roskosmos Vladimir Popovkin will be offered a post in the newly created Joint Rocket and Space Corporation, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin reported. Earlier on Thursday Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the order about Oleg Ostapenko's appointment the head of the Federal Space Agency instead of Popovkin.

On October, 5 the Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin told lies that he knew nothing about personnel changes in the management of Roskosmos.

"In the morning one an learn so many things from newspapers. Perhaps, it is better not to read them at all?" — Rogozin wrote in his microblog in Twitter and put sign "smile". Besides, he accompanied it with a link to a scene from the movie "The Heart of a Dog". "Preobrazhenskiy: “If you care of the digestion, my good advice to you: you don't speak at dinner about Bolshevism and medicine. And — God forbid — don't read the Soviet newspapers," — Rogozin sneers.

Why should he say lies? It's not clear...

The second incomprehensibility is Igor Komarov who will head the Joint Rocket and Space Corporation (JRSC). Let's remind, Komarov is known as the director of "AvtoVAZ", while JRSC is something which is quite far from automotive industry business.

It is exact in style of Putin’s appointments when new head is very far from the branch headed by him - bright example is Rogozin, diplomat who headed "defense industry". Or Minister of Defence Shoygu who haven't graduated from any aademies.

Well and, of course, the third and biggest incomprehensibility is persistent commitment to the bureaucratic scheme of the solution of problems of real sector, that is creation of joint state corporations. Though none of the created earlier “joint orporations” didn't show success, on the contrary, they only aggravated problems.

For example, United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) led to a complete elimination of all aviation ompanies, in the Soviet times competition them provided world leadership in aircraft industry to the country. Today all ompanies, except "Sukhoj" don't reate new models getting limited to maintainane of earlier delivered equipment. "Sukhoj" shows ativity everywhere - in upgrading of already adopted planes, in creation of the fighter of the fifth generation, even in relation to the only belonging to RF for today passenger "Superjet".

However lack of competition leads to that "Superjet" became something like constantly operating aviation joke, "new" planes of "Sukhoj" represent only different degree of modernization of same Su-27 and the fighter of the fifth generation risks to enter series prodution already strongly outdated - the USA already finished prodution of the heavy fighter F-22 and concentrated on the new easy fighter of the fifth generation, while Russia will receive serial fighter of "heavy" class not earlier, than by the beginning of the next decade. By then the Chinese and Japanese fighters of new generation will be already ready, so even foreign trade prospects of the new Russian car look very problematic.

It is possible to give one more example - United Shipbuilding Corporation which is also headed by nonprofessional and has no serious breaks through in comparison with “before-united” period. Unless it is possible to consider expected in France launh of inutile "Mistral" as "success" of USC.

Where are in general successes of new, artificially created monopolists? After all every student will tell that lack of competition is the most right way to degradation of the production.

Though to bureaucrats who also "haven't graduated from aademies" bureaucratic decisions seem optimum, if there’s problem? It means it is necessary to create structure for solution of this problem! If the problem all the same isn't solved (and it ouldn’t be solved in any way), the official will not be guilty, new structure will be guilty – it failed to ompete the task...


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