They Prepare Publi Opinion to Appearene of Tsar

They Prepare Publi Opinion to Appearene of Tsar

About 28% of the Russians don't object to monarchy restoration in Russia, other respondents don't consider it possible and timely, the head of the All-Russian Publi Opinion Researh Center Valery Fedorov reported. "About 28% either support , or don't object to restoration of monarchist system in Russia. Thus they aren't active supporters of this idea as they don't see a person who could become the Russian monarch presently," — Fedorov reported, speaking at historical conference n Manezh Square devoted to the 400 anniversary of the House of Romanov.

Quite recently I was almost alled paranoid in reply to my quite sincere suspicions that the power runs business to monarchy restoration. Even when I publicly listed the republican symbols which were consistently replaced by monarchic ones, there was some mistrust... Well, yes, they forbade communists to elebrate November, 7th previously deleted it from speial dates of calendar and replaced it with strange 4th of November when nothing speial took plae in Russia... Oh, no – that is the date of establishment of Romanov's 300-year absolute monarchy in Russia. It happened after whole 7 tsars were chosen and approved by one and the same structure of the seigniorial Duma, that medieval parliament, they were chosen either by army circle as Dmitry, or by cathedral as Mikhail Zakharyin-Romanov. It happened at the very end of the 16th century when Ryurik dynasty eased to exist and the power was already delegated to the seigniorial Duma. So cancellation of memory to the "republican" 1917 and replacement it with "monarchic" 1612 has its ertain meaning...

I don’t want to mention here special role of the Russian Orthodox Church which official doctrine is symphony of church and orthodox monarchy.

Now they openly elebrate the 400 anniversary of "The House of Romanov" which to its last 300-year anniversary bothered Russia to suh extend that 4 years later it shook it off without the slightest regret. Besides, the head of the public sociological service openly propagandizes monarchy restoration, after all he doesn't say that two thirds of the Russians spoke against restoration, but imposes thought that a third is pro! Thus he isn’t been kiked out from the state chair (our state is still the republic) - no, he continues to head it.

Though he is right in one thing - efforts of the authorities for last 15 years spent on rehabilitation of tsarism conceived success, about 20 years ago supporters of monarchy lived mostly in madhouses...

We, of course, carry out own poll and its first results are very unlike the ones whih were reeived by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center. However, as usual. The thought that monarchy is good, it is healthy is imposed to society! We understand well who the monarch is.

A bill prohibiting promotion of separatism is introduced in the Duma - well, they began with pedophilia, continued with feelings of believers, now political ban. It’s strange ban in the state which is Federation. If they forgot how Russia is alled in the constitution? Thus some subjects of the Federation may refuse to live under control of madmen. They may remind that they signed Federal agreement with the republic, not with a kingdom.

While it seems that we need the Republican pact or the act in protection of the republic. Why it is possible to violate with impunity article 1 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation proclaiming Russia republic? It’s a crime against bases of the constitutional system, not less! It is necessary at legislative level to speify what an be onsidered as attempt at the constitutional republican system.

Thus notorious poll of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center is obvious attempt, though, if there ould be responsibility for a question? Still it ould exist! Imagine such poll: "If you would like to rape a child and then to eat him?" I think both public prosecutor's and police with OMON would appear and it is correct in this case. Here we have not less terrible thing because establishment of monarchy is civil war during which not one child will be raped and killed or simply die from hunger.

Monarhism is worse, than pedophilia for the republi.

natoly Baranov, editor-in-hief of FORUM.msk

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