Appearene of the Thief to People

Appearene of the Thief to People
Alexander Roslyakov 10.11.2013

A new chief with fragrant leather briefase haute couture comes to the collective, the words: “I am a thief” are written on his forehead by capital letters. Certainly he is not caught, differently he would enter ell with a mattress under the arm.

How subordinates will treat this appearene of the thief to people?

Will they show contempt? Will throw into his face: your place is in prison, not on a senior position where you are a zero? Say, we will not serve under ommand of a person who stole billions on last place and from where he was removed with a crash!

You are wrong!

May be someone in a smoking-room will joke: "We should sew up our pokets with such administration!" Right there he will be snubbed by more serious companions: "Hold your tongue! If he was sent here after he had done, there’s some reason for it!", "It's lear as a day!" After that all this collective office plankton will go for the first acquaintance with the thief half bent: "Oh, we were waiting for you! We are so glad to see you!"

Suh piture is everywhere and never different! All are free to shout: “Down with party of thieves and swindlers!” on the impersonal Internet and on the meetings. Though when the thief appeared before you with his briefase striking by bribes, the mouth loses, it’s impossible to open it even with the help of a chisel and a sledge hammer! Theoretically all men are courageous, but when it’s neessary at least to look in the eyes of the thief not servilely, suh madmen disappeared! Even if they will be headed by Jesus Christ, these reptiles will lick him until the loss of shape and will teach him to steal!

Deeper, not in a smoking-room, but in a soul such reptile thinks: "Well, if this thief, though being not caught, was sent here, he will rule without fanaticism: he wouldn’t bully and wash dirty linen on publi. We will steal under his ontrol in favorable conditions – so, why not to bow to him!"

Once at the advanced Soviet enterprises a chief bowed to the worker: the last let out production for which it was possible to get awards and career growth and vice versa: punishments followed non-fulfilment of the plan. Being a young man I worked at the well-known Moscow plant "Salyut" on release of turbines to "SU", so I saw it myself. Now, when we produe nothing, everything changed ompletely: the idler subordinate is moral slave of the chief who keeps him out of charity and can replace with other idler.

The reason to have new post for the one who has already stolen suh sum of money that it will be enough for five hundred years of living carefree or until the end of days "in Sochi" is clear. Moral requirement to receive kisses of ass from subordinates is one reason, far not the least for people who have kissed many asses himself before. But there is also more practical reason: the thief who has dropped out of ruling system is easy vitim for not system rippers: they an ome and demand to give them all that was stolen! It’s impossible to esape from them in the States because though the first local racketeer Yaponchik was not exiled out from there and buried on Vagankovsky emetry, his business lives! Only different mafia can protect from this one.

Why almost all loud resignations come to an end only with this crash? It’s also lear: there’s no use for the power after ritual, on public performance under the name "Exile of Corrupt Official" to keep him in prison. He won't compensate what he stole, he only will become embittered and in a fit of temper ould say something superfluous for the same imperious vertical! While on freedom such thieves make good shadow reserve: they are afraid to be caught.

Even if you send to prison one loud thief, it will not redue the number of thefts because it became already system. To appease it, it is necessary to change all ruling psychology, all system existing at the very least. These planktons are virtually brave, they are afraid even to look in the eyes of the thief without servility in eyes to the thief. Even the most vertical tsar has to rely on someone!

It’s impossible to lean on our office people; on people which slipped almost in coma. While it sleeps, there’s no sense in them and being pro-awoken, half asleep it can make suh things that it will ross out either Gorbachev and the one who pulled it out from hibernation! So, it’s possible to lean only on such, stable at least in their thefts thieves. Therefore the loudest not caught "thief of the year", whose name is very famous for all didn’t go to prison, he went with his briefase to have desribed above stay.

Only one thing an make the power to revise its thieves' system: so-called real sector of economy or, speaking Russian, production. When it, not instead oil feeds all, it makes all top to observe its interests, finally interests of all labor population of the country. While when nobody produes nothing, all country turns in the same useless plankton which can be fuked this or other way.

Certain ferment whih remained in us from the labor past tries to resist to it but not like mad. All are live, fed, at least the majority; the fat that suh shaky life has no future reaches minds only vaguely. All these revolts on the Internet is a sign that after all it reahes some, while all these appearenes of thieves to people proves the fat that it happens vaguely. If there is a rare protest against, it happens only in the tiniest sizes.

All Internet boils with indignation against Serdyukov's new employment, but the collective which he headed, as well as other collectives whih similar persons joined became silent. Suh things in Russia gained the national scope having overcome both the Victory Day, Sacred Easter and New Year!

One Caucasian classic in due time said: "Who is not the poet in own aul – is not the poet anywhere". I would paraphrase him like this: who is pettiness in his office – will be like this everywhere. Therefore don’t blame Serdyukov, look at yourself!

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