Explosion in the Bus Was a Part of Senario

Explosion in the Bus Was a Part of Senario

Explosion thundered in the afternoon on a suburb of Volgograd, at a stop in Krasnoarmeisky district. As a result six people were lost. According to the last information, 33 persons addressed for help into medial institutions, 29 from them are hospitalized, including 8 people who got into reanimation. Many victims are in critical condition. 40 passengers were all in the bus LiAZ.

It was initially reported that incident was aused by explosion of a gas cylinder, however later fragments of explosive devie were found on the place of state of emergency. Besides it became clear that blown-up bus had no gas cylinder. The Investigative ommittee already brought criminal case under the articles "Act of Terrorism", "Murder", "Arms Trafficking" upon explosion.

Passport of possible suiide bomber was found on the place of the tragedy:

"It’s a crap about passport of the Dagestan suicide bomber which wonderfully turned out to be save without any dots, - Darya Mitina writes in LJ. – At first they write about her that she adopted Islam rather recently, while passport with a photo in hijab was made already in 2008. Secondly, it is impossible to make photos for passport in hijab. It’s stated in the rules that it’s forbidden to hide face form, while here it’s hidden, one an see only the eyes. Let's assume even that passport service gave out such crap to her for money, all the same after the hek of the first cop the passport would be invalid. The more so it’s improbable that suh passport ould be issued in 2008, then the rules were even more rigid, than now. It is strange that they didn’t find Koran on the place of explosion as in those planes..."

In general it’s seen that the photo in hijab is glued over the real photo...

- It’s somehow not clear, why Islamic terrorists deided to make explosion in the bus right now, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - Only if they want to cause bigger wave of negative in relation to Muslims and foreigners in general. Strange goal-setting. While it’s the most suitable time and plae for "powers of light and good", not casually Maxim Kalashnikov just yesterday assumed that within developing top state revolution "loud acts of terrorism in Moscow and St. Petersburg (in subway first of all) with evident Muslim coloring" would be in time. Well, he made just a little mistake with location and not in the subway, but in the bus. It isn't over yet, in last series of acts of terrorism they also blew up a house in Volgodonsk at first and then reached Moscow. It’s necessary to wait for indicative murder of someone from prominent nationalists that the forecast of Mihael Kalashnikov becomes 100 percent.

- Alleged murderer in Biryulevo was found for one day, - Anatoly Baranov reminded. - Organizers of act of terrorism in Volgograd would also be found by tomorrow and would be brought by helicopter to the Minister of Interior for onfrontment, wouldn’t they? I doubt for some reason. While I don't doubt that other explosions will follow the first - bus explosion.

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