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Shouldn’t We Disturb Political Suicides?

Shouldn’t We Disturb Political Suicides?
Eugene Ikhlov 26.09.2013

The Russian justice accuses members of Green Peace of piracy … That is in sea robbery, not of free of charge usage of torrent as it perceives by our ear which has been tired out by the Duma debates. To understand what charge of piracy means for the western person I will remind you that when they were preparing indictment against the chief military criminals in Nuremberg, they took the British law on fight against piracy as legal basis considering all team of pirate ship as uniform criminal organization.

However, domestic justice following its Supreme Commander who had no scruples to compare on Valdai fight on Bolotnaya Square to the riots of two-year prescription in London always have reasons for romantic revelry of imagination. The Russian UK (art. 227) demands from 10 to 15 years for organized group of pirates.

The country which will send peace ecologists to prison for ten years will consciously put itself out of civilized community, if it is bad (for example, for Latynina) or good for the community which has been going mad on environment protection for already 40 years.

Small comment: even small oil spill in the Pechora Sea can ruin spawning area of salmon.

Domestic diplomacy and court opposition undermined its authority on August, 21 when the Syrian opposition was used in the suburb of Damascus, in oasis Guta for the purpose of slander of the mode of Assad Junior. If the charge against the Syrian guerrillas bursts, the Kremlin, Smolenskaya Square and Okhotny Ryad will go such complete political bankruptcy that it will cross out short diplomatic triumph caused by "privatization" of the idea of the state secretary Kerry by Putin – refusal from rocket punishment, it will lead to complete chemical disarmament of Damascus.

While if version with provocation will be confirmed, Moscow will acquire the right to victorious dance on the ruins of the western diplomacy.

Small comment: degree of chemical purity and composition of sarin applied in Guta will unmistakably reveal not only if it’s produced on factory or is handicraft, but also its manufacturer. The West which used to finance the Russian program of chemical disarmament has characteristics of all similar productions.

The Russian criminal and executive system and court civil society got completely undermined itself on the fact that charges in address of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova are low slander.

If her claims in relation to the mode in “demonstration” colony will be confirmed, Service for the Execution of Sentence will get moral and political defeat, as after events in Lgov in June, 2005.

If they appear to be slander, forces of law and order will plentifully take out on faultfinders in general and on brave girls from Pussy Riot in particular.

In both cases the rates are extremely high. In both cases the check will find out the truth soon.

Inspection of the UN comes back to Syria and then there will be a lot of experts during chemical disarmament. It won’t be possible to hide the truth.

Human rights activists go to Mordovia, they have long experience of fact-finding on a place in detention centers. It won’t be possible to hide the truth.

By the way, one of these days the Russian prosecutor's office has to approve bringing of the charge against ecologists and "Arctic Sunrise". It should also choose about measure of restraint, i.e. whether to throw "pirates" into pre-trial detention center.

It’s the Russian roulette, whether Putin’s mode will be lucky after such threefold attempt of political suicide?

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