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First of All We Need Organizational Work to Organize Labor Collectives

First of All We Need Organizational Work to Organize Labor Collectives

Discussions about the type of socialism we need allow not to come to some decision of the subject in discussion, but to define a level of consciousness of the group involved in the process of discussion.

Unfortunately situation with the left core group just slightly changed from the time when Gorbachev and his environment was considered the reason of present condition of society.

NEW SOCIALISM, PROBLEM NUMBER 1 - SUBJECTIVE FACTOR? - I would call so one of possible branches of the subject in discussion.

Crisis of global capitalism, its inability to give answers to present challenges of modern society raises question of new socialism in the agenda with new force.

New publications about images of new socialism appear more often.

Here you are Prigarin’s publication on FORUM-MSK.ORG "One Class - One Party" in the spirit of "LET'S LIVE IN PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP" where there’s an appeal to the CPRF to cease to use the word "COMMUNISTIC" in the name, reasonably pointing to "Orthodox character" of this organization as feature not compatible to the name "COMMUNISTIC".

Reaction of one of the constant authors Dmitry Trofimov to this publication is interesting: "Rust of Lie Ate Sword of Revolution” where the central thought is disparate in understanding of the word "socialism" - such philological problems.

I remember that once I read the book about remarkable Algerian fighter with the French colonial aggressors Abd al-Qadir who resisted to colonialists very successfully, he signed peace treaties with them which disgraceful aggressors broke right away referring to allegedly certain different interpretations in French and Arab variants.

The Algerian leader tried to prove something to the French aggressors by means of philological tricks, but it was useless as the French acted by principle of characters of Krylov’s fable: "You are guilty that I want to eat".

The same way in our case - no philological researches will help us to prove wolves, to be more exact to jackals from the CPRF that they aren't right using purely piratically brand "COMMUNISTIC".

Both the French colonialists of the first half of the 19th century and supporters of Zuganov use objective historical situation which gave to the first opportunity to break almost with impunity contracts signed by them with Algerians and to supporters of Zuganov to combine unscrupulously incompatible things in the time of our distemper.

Nevertheless it seems that at all importance of the subjective factor which value can't be underestimated, it is necessary to proceed from the essence of the modern time of troubles which can't be overcome with the help of only discussions and negotiations, first of all we need organizational work, first of all on organization of labor collectives.

They are a key to new socialism, not useless supporters of Zuganov and their subjectively honest opponents who contrary to the history try to make political prostitutes allies in the fight against global capitalism using methods of persuasion.

Sergey Gupalo, Kazan

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