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Heads of Higher School of Economics Committed Russia to Illegal Migration

Heads of Higher School of Economics Committed Russia to Illegal Migration
Кomkov Sergey 10.08.2013

Unique anniversary could be celebrated in August, 2013: 5 years ago Higher School of Economics by special resolution signed by Prime Minister of that time Vladimir Putin received status of public institution at the government of Russia.

To understand all malignancy of this event for our country is necessary to remind briefly at least of the history of creation and activity of this establishment.

Higher School of Economics was created in 1992 at the initiative of Eugene Yasin at the expense of special grant of World Bank. It was created with the only purpose of destruction of the Russian state from within. By carrying out of various reforms. First of all, in education, sciences, economy. The American advisers from World Bank worked on its base all 90s years (till today).

They took the most active part in development of a state program of modernization of the Russian education "thanks to" which Russia lost more than 18 thousand schools during 20 years. They actively advanced idea of introduction of Unified State Examination in Russia therefore today all system of senior secondary education actually failed. They developed new model of financing of education system: normative per capita as a result of which the most part of the Russian schools stay hat in hand, process of merge of educational institutions which negatively influenced knowledge of pupils and their morality.

It seemed not enough for "experts" of the School. They got seriously engaged in “reforming” of science and economy.

Looking today at so vigorous activity of this American "nest", one involuntarily ask a question: whose interests so-called Higher School of Economics is working all these years? Who is direct supervisor of all these "researches" and "reforms"? The most important is whether the cost of these "reforms" is not too big for the Russian State?

Really, what we have in the final analyses from activity of the School during all these years? Even small list of consequences of its activity brings into confusion.

The most part of small schools in villages and in small towns of Russia is actually destroyed, the country starts turning into endangered space. Agriculture falls to decay. Possessing huge natural resources we aren't able to support ourselves.

Full education becomes available only for people possessing additional savings. Quantity of such people becomes less every year. It’s necessary to pay for everything in usual high school. It happened because schools according to "development" carried out by Higher School of Economics gradually were turned into commercial establishments.

After introduction of Unified State Examination as the main criterion of assessment of knowledge of graduates all country plunged into chaos of crime. One people actively sell answers to this moronic examination, others are compelled by hook or by crook to get or buy these answers. Senior classes of schools turned into points of teaching to Unified State Examination. Quality of knowledge of pupils decreased sharply.

Thus, according to "recommendations" of advisers of World Bank which dexterously settled themselves in Higher School of Economics under a wing of the Russian government, sharp tilt aside "general higher education" is made. That is, "experts" of the School started actively proving that all graduates of the general secondary school need to be focused only on receiving higher education. At that it should be "The Bologna system".

It means that in the near future all graduates of schools who enter higher education institutions to get bachelor degree will receive dummy diplomas and be thrown to labor market. Where, certainly, nobody waits for them as such mass of inutile graduates isn't necessary to the country.

Migrants delivered here, to Russia mainly illegally, will occupy other working places.

Destruction of primary professional education is one of the key moments of all "reform" of education which is carried out in our country from dictation of the American advisers. Already at discussion of new Law "About Education" which comes into force since September 1 of the current year all known experts were indignant with actual destruction of system of primary professional education in the country. While officials of the Ministry of Education and Science and "specialists" of Higher School of Economics foam at the mouth proved legitimacy of similar step.

Really, why do we need to train own skilled workers if they can be delivered in unlimited quantity from abroad? Only thus nobody mentioned those pernicious social consequences to which such policy will lead.

Certainly management of High School was at the head of all process. It is necessary to remind what rector of VSE Yaroslav Kuzminov told in interview to newspaper “Vremya Novostey” exactly five years ago (No. 154 from 8/25/2008) about it:

"… modern production doesn't need general workers trained in system of primary professional education. It’s not correct to make citizens get poor education only because we have such workplaces. No country goes on it. In the developed countries similar niches are filled with migrants for whom, by the way, it is a way of embedding to more cultural and richer society. We see the same in Moscow and other large cities in the most different branches. Simply we are rather rich and rather educated country to have complex labor market".

Rather cynical statement frankly speaking. What "complex labor market" mister Kuzminov is talking about? Whether about the one which is all day round dispersed today by police officers and FMS? Whom is he going "to build in" "more cultural and richer society"? The Tajiks and the Uzbeks who have come here illegally and are ready to work for criminal "big fish" day and night for a plate of soup? Or the whole colonies of the Vietnamese sewing on antediluvian sewing machines masterpieces with labels of the leading textile companies? What is he going to do with the heads of various condominiums and municipal offices who prefer to get guest workers from the neighboring countries as yard keepers, watchmen, plumbers? Paying to them thus only small part of salary and placing the rest to own bottomless pocket.

Thus the most part of own youth not having found suitable place of work and therefore means of livelihood will fall slowly to the social bottom and to fill thus criminal structures.

So, whatever one may do responsibility for today's crisis with overflow of the Russian labor market by foreign guest workers is directly connected with actions of management of Higher School of Economics led by its research supervisor Eugene Yasin and rector Yaroslav Kuzminov. As they have been carrying out function of chief "expert" and "adviser" of the government of Russia in such important questions for the country for already 5 years.

They carry out these functions quite successfully. Only in interests of not our but some other country. Which is directly interested in our fastest crash and which name all of us have learned long ago by heart.

Such thing in the language of the Criminal Code is called "treachery" and "treason of the Homeland".

Therefore it begs the question: if it is not high time to make heads of Higher School of Economics leave cozy professorial chairs and occupy prison cells? In order that they, so to say, seriously comprehended their deeds. As acts of this sort can't be equated to simple scientific miscalculations. It is direct threat to the national security of the state for which they should bear criminal liability.

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