It Seems That Next Revolution Takes Part in Kiev...

It Seems That Next Revolution Takes Part in Kiev...

Only one question – what kind of revolution?

For a start facts for a moment closer to midnight.

Supporters of Eurointegration of Ukraine rushed into the building of the Kiev city administration. "Gromadske TV" reported about it on the air. Oppositionists who were in the building urged each other not to smash interior. "We aren't vandals, we are Europeans", — one of the speakers participating in spontaneous meeting declared.

Earlier several glasses were beaten out in the building of municipal administration. Leaders of opposition called it provocation. The staff of supporters of Eurointegration also urged demonstrators not to make attempts to storm any objects without centralized instructions.

The group of demonstrators tried to break through militia cordon to Bankovskaya Street by means of the bulldozer where there is Administration of the President of Ukraine. Two militiamen were traumatized as a result of collisions. Fighters of special forces "Berkut" rigidly pushed demonstrators aside from the building. Mopping up was made within two-three minutes. Several demonstrators suffered serious injuries as a result of actions of security officers. Some of them couldn't get up from the earth without help.

Eyewitnesses reported that certain young people looking like football fans participated in attempts to storm Bankovskaya Street. Their faces were closed by masks and some of them had metal rods in hands.

Meanwhile, many thousands action of the Ukrainian opposition proceeds on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Its leaders — Arseny Yatsenyuk, Pyotr Poroshenko, Vitaly Klitschko — call collisions on Bankovskaya Street provocation and urge supporters to protest exclusively using peace methods.


From editorial board: Now about the first question what revolution in Kiev is meant? Two honorable authors took offence at once - Eugene Ikhlov and Maxim Kalashnikov. Their offence is not strong, of course, as editor-in-chief I held their materials with estimates of events in Ukraine bak as I believe it’s too early to act with estimates. Though these materials are on the first page today. Who is right? I think, as always, the truth is somewhere in between.

"The democratic revolution is good in itself," - Eugene Ikhlov writes to me in the private letter. I agree. If it’s democraticrevolution. If not?

What democratic things an one find in events in Ukraine today? If someone is being chosen? Opposition whih failed to receive the majority either on the presidential, or on parliamentary elections (by the way, elections in Ukraine are real) now tries to change situation in own favor by appliation of fore. Capture of office buildings, mass riots which are organized by people like Dmitro Korchinsky – the one who ut throats to the Russian soldiers in Chechny and then gave lectures to Nashists on Seliger.

Who are in general the main democrats in Ukraine?

Tyagnibok's party "Freedom" is the most signifiant – they are true fascists. Slightly less signifiant is Klitschko's "Blow", but it’s diffiult to all this politial fore. "Batkivshchina"? This is also moderately nationalist bourgeois party. There are no liberals in the Ukrainian politicum, one shouldn’t get under delusion. There are only nationalists of different degree of radicalism. There are no left as well – it’s a "merit" of KPU which cooperation with oligarchical "Party of Regions" made the Ukrainians loose taste to the left trend in policy.

So, nationalists are driving forces and performers of the Ukrainian revolution. The brightest leader - Oleg Tyagnibok. He has already delared the beginning of the national strike before holding meeting on Maidan in Kiev. The oppositionist noted that the strike began "from this minute" and explained that the demonstrators dissatisfied with suspension of Eurointegration of Ukraine won't leave the square. We will note, the national strike was called not by the left, but by the fascist (though if it was done by the oligarch Poroshenko, it would be even more original).

It is clear that the Ukrainian nationalism, as well as every other, has image of the enemy before itself. The most unpleasant that in this case Russia and the Russians, Musovites, goat-like faes are enemy. Ukraine is absolutely independent for already 20 years, but it still fights against Russia and the Russians getting the owner represented by the European Union. I won’t persuade anybody out, if it seems to someone that it means the European vector.

If I want victory of the next revolution in Ukraine? I an’t answer definitely to this question for the first time in my life. The party of oligarchs with Yanukovych at the head seems to make the Ukrainians already tired and the other side also looks not very hopefully. In fat there’s no choice, nobody suggests to make the hoie – might is right.

natoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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