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Putin Signed Decree on Creation of One More Bureaucratic Superstructure over “Defensive Industry”

Putin Signed Decree on Creation of One More Bureaucratic Superstructure over “Defensive Industry”
Baranov Anatoly 03.12.2013

Vladimir Putin signed decree about creation of the Joint rocket and space corporation, news agency RIA Novosti reports. According to the decree of the head of the state "About Control System of Space-Rocket Branch", it is offered to include several tens organizations united in a row of integrated structures called the Joint Rocket and Space Corporation. Federal state unitary enterprises, research centers and open joint stock companies are among them.

Thus Putin continues to follow the way of bureaucratic solutions of structural problems of the state. Now all defensive and industrial enterprises will be substituted by such "chaebols" with obligatory "alpha dog" heading, at that they are created in such a way that they can suit head corporation which starts grabbing all resources of the branch.

At that Ministry of Defense, not special department which is carrying out integrated function is the main customer for defense industry enterprises, military men form portfolio of orders proceeding from the departmental interests. As a result a scrappy blanket made of badly connected samples of diverse equipment is being formed instead of nation-wide policy in the field of defensive industries.

For example, all are sick and tired of the construction of new nuclear submarines of "Borei" class to which there are still no rockets. As production of submarines and production of rockets to them by and large are little connected with each other.

Or it’s just declared about receipt of the first deck fighters MiG-29К in number of four pieces for the needs of the Navy. A series of such vehicles is expected in future. While nobody is going to make decks to them, just the Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin after transfer of aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" (now "Vikramaditya") to India declared that construction of new aircraft carriers wasn't planned at all. Our only aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", to put it mildly, reminds more floating museum...

Meanwhile we build the fighter of the fifth generation of "Sukhoi". However, it is a heavy fighter, the USA has already refused from production of its analogue F-22, having saturated the army with it and now concentrates on creation of the easy fighter of the fifth generation (production plan numbers 2400 units) and what is curious at once in three modifications: for the Air Force, for Naval Forces and for marines forces. That is while the Russian Federation will lick into shape the heavy fighter and will construct deck MiG of the fourth generation for nonexistent aircraft carriers, the USA will have deck planking of the fifth generation on arms.

Ok – that’s nothing, but engine for the fighter of the fifth generation is created by the joint engine-building corporation and meanwhile it hasn’t succeeded in it. There are no arms for it as well, it is care of one more corporation.

The most interesting is the project F-35 for marines: a plane should posses possibility of short take-off and vertical landing as it will be based on the universal landing craft carriers bearing besides landing means and armored machinery of marines aviation group. Special “fan” is installed for this purpose on F-35B behind a cabin of the pilot, they also provided nozzle vector capability of the engine perpendicular to the plane axis. New vehicle will seriously strengthen Marines Corps Air Force as its capacities considerably surpass attack planes of vertical take-off Harrier being on arms now.

What do we have now? We continue to build in France two landing craft carriers "Mistral" which absolutely not necessary to us. What is curious is that we don't buy helicopters to them and this carrier doesn’t suit for standard sizes of the Russian helicopters... Well, what about planes with vertical take-off? In the USSR they were working out such very perspective vehicle - Yak-141, there’s nothing of the kind today, as well as there is no construction bureau “Yakovlev” entering United Aircraft Corporation. Nobody even think of creation the plane of vertical take-off for “Mistral” for the needs of marines. It means that our marines have no chances on distant communications in case of collision of our marines with the American or with NATO in general.

Here you are - there are deck fighters, but there are no decks. There are landing helicopter carriers, but there are no fighters and attack planes of vertical take-off. Such situation is everywhere... Meanwhile we produce rockets...

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