Budget of the Russian Federation Fell Down

Budget of the Russian Federation Fell Down
alashnikov Maxim 09.12.2013

Why not to organize the intergalactic Olympic Games on Yamal and not to waste a couple of trillions on it? Paying-off for Putin’s "pyramids" approaches

The Ministry of Finance found a hole in 10 trillion rubles in the budget of Russia - http://ria.ru/economy/20131205/982087491.html

According to the estimates of MF, the treasury will miss 5,6 trillion rubles for the period from 2017 to 2020 only on implementation of basic state programs. If to take into account additional state programs (for example, reforming of pension system), the gap can appear to be 4,2 trillion rubles.

Well, VVP finished badly. With supercosts for idiotic APEC summits, expansion of Moscow, Olympic Games in Sochi, football championship and with not less foolish entering the WTO. It’s no distance from crash of the budget and shock reduction of state expenses to revolts and political shocks.


I always told that the present power went blind and enraged from thieves' madness (Olympic Games) making the Russian Federation to fall into a spin. All this was rowned by stupidity – idolization of the liberal principles of the WTO (because, as they say, all joined it). As Putin's "security officers" are the same intellectual slaves of the West, as well as their opponents. As a result, as you can see, owing to demographic atastrophe and ruin of real sector (the WTO!), owing to overloading of the state by senseless expenses for stadiums at synchronous reduction of the tax income and escalation of theft of "elite" the power of greedy fools and national traitors led itself and the Russian Federation to full breakdown. Soon May Putin’s decrees (2012) ould be used only for wiping of asses – they are impracticable.


I will repeat once again: now only one activity – preparation for collapse of "superstitious vertical" and distemper – makes sense. It means creation of ores of the organization, gathering of people (future groups for sorting out the mess in almost inevitable civil war in the gone crazy and split society), creation of plans (in economy and state construction), personal membership in hunting movement. Yeltsin-Putin system will surely fall with roar: the power will bring itself down. It will be engaged in blasting itself and the Russian Federation hourly and selflessly, stealing to the last. Though the sense of theft and splurge has been lost long ago: it already threatens life and freedom of hierarches of a mode. Though, as you can see, they completely lost control over a pack of the aomplies and can already do nothing. Cattle-elite of the Russian Federation lost elementary instinct of self-preservation. Hey, guardians! You represent Putin the lonely fighter with satani host. Why doesn’t he call us to help? Why does he use one and the same methods whih successfully finish national economy? Then he is not "the lonely fighter", but the one who is the destroyer and a weak-willed rag which an’t rescue even itself. As he is afraid even to all for new people.


Events whih Maxim Kalashnikov predited in 2008-2011 comes true: system crisis will finish the present power and the Russian Federation in its habitual appearene. Comedies in the form of talk of VVP with some National Front and appeal to make children during long winter nights won’t deeive us. It is already visible that there will be no maternity capital. There’s no money, its remains is being plundered by the power and earthed.

Everything went to break. Plundered and de-industrialized Ukraine will be the first. The Russian Federationwill follow it. Perhaps you, VVP, will rape eonomy by way of some Galati Summer Games on Yamal with expenses in a ouple of trillions - for the sake of strengthening of patriotism? Good business: it will increase number of billionaires among bureaucrats and contractors.

Well, we will use stadiums later: after all they can be transformed into camps for the maintenance of hundreds thousands of officials-thieves from former "vertical". It is possible to beat out the stolen from them there. Technologies are known since the time of Stalin.

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