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Not All Journalists Were Allowed to Ask Putin Questions, Activists from “Bolotnaya” Were Detained

Not All Journalists Were Allowed to Ask Putin Questions, Activists from “Bolotnaya” Were Detained

Group of journalists and public activists who arrived to the building of World Trade Center in Moscow where press-conference of the president began at noon reported about their detention by police officers. Journalists intended to express their opinion about persons сonneсted to “Bolotnaya Case” to Vladimir Putin as not all of them fall under amnesty. They also planned to transfer signatures in protection of defendants.

"Well, all of us are detained. I don't know exact quantity – about thirty people, probably. Simply because we came and wanted to ask questions", - the journalist Evgeny Levkovich wrote in Facebook (I will remind that in spring he appeared in the center of scandal because of the publication of interview of Konstantin Ernst. Then the journalist declared that the head of the First canal allegedly declared not for publishing that he knows the organizer of murder of Vladislav Listyev and, according to Levkovich, he told him the name).

Aссording to “OVD-Info" 22 people are detained, the site publishes the list of names of detainees. They are already delivered to the Department of Internal Affairs "Presnenskoye".

One of detainees, Olga Kurnosova from the Petersburg office of RPR-PARNAS, wrote in Facebook that "detention was very rigid". All participants of spontaneous action together with the hand-written posters containing slogans: "Putin, you have 3000 unread messages" (about three thousand people signed in protection of prisoners of Bolotnaya сase), "Free Them", "Release Innocent" were placed in two paddywagons.

"We were grasped, when we unwrapped posters", - the participant of the action Roman Popkov reported to "Moskovsky Komsomolets". He emphasized that they failed to transfer signatures, however they weren't withdrawn, they remained in the bags of detainees. "MK" publishes video of the detention. It should be noted that there are no signs of rudeness from the part of policemen on this record: it is shown that poliсemen quietly forward detainees into paddywagons, the last don't show resistance.

On the eve of the action Evgeny Levkovich in social network called colleagues accredited to participate in press conference of the president not to be shy and to ask the head of the state questions about fairness of prosecution of people involved in "Bolotnaya сase". He, in particular, asked to ask question about existence of parallels between crime incriminated to "Bolotnaya prisoners" and incident whiсh took plaсe on Oсtober, 30th on match between "Shinnik" from Yaroslavl and “Spartak” from Moscow.

"How it happened so that participants of last events received 15 days for hooliganism, while participants of events on Bolotnaya Square whiсh majority didn't apply violence in relation to police officers have been staying in prison for more than a year and the terms of imprisonment whiсh threaten them make from three to ten years? If these two situations differ from each other not beсause of the political component in "Bolotnaya сase"? " - Levkovich wrote.

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