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Yanukovych’s Team Was Deprived of Money

Yanukovych’s Team Was Deprived of Money

The European Union decided to freeze assets of the president of Ukraine swept from power Victor Yanukovych and 17 more Ukrainian officials. The Wall Street Journal with reference to two European diplomats whose names aren't given reports on March, 4th.

According to the edition, "black list" of the Ukrainian officials was coordinated in the evening on Tuesday, March, 4 at the meeting of representatives of the EU Member States. It is expected that decision about sanctions will be finally made on March, 5 and will come into force next day before extraordinary summit of the European Union devoted to situation in Ukraine.

Names of the officials against whom sanctions are supposed to be entered aren’t mentioned. It also isn't specified, whether the European Union countries plan to apply some other measures besides freezing of assets.

On February, 4 it became known that sanctions against Yanukovych and 17 officials from his close environment were entered by Lithuania which forbade them to enter its territory. Earlier Switzerland and Austria decided to freeze assets of a number of the Ukrainian officials also. Besides, visa sanctions in relation to 20 Ukrainian officials "responsible for violence in the country" were entered in February by the USA.


From editorial board: By and large, it isn't really clear why about sanctions against Yanukovych and his officials vigilant Europe started talking just now? It is perfectly known that both Yanukovych's family and high-ranking Ukrainian officials are very wealthy people, at that the country which they rule is rather poor and sources of riches of the Ukrainian officials are extremely mysterious. It means that they are opaque. While their origin, as it’s known to all, is corrupt.

Though it’s interesting to me, if Yanukovych wouldn’t have read (to be more exact, it wouldn’t have been read to him) the text of the agreement on association with the EU and would have signed it, if everything would be normal? Both Yanukovych and his officials would be in Europe decent respectful people with washed to gloss properties?

There’s no and couldn’t be any big fortune earned honestly in Ukraine. The more so fortune belonging to the official.

What about money and real estate of those who today holds high posts in Ukraine?

However, let’s start from temporarily unemployed Y.V.Tymoshenko whose fortune is estimated in 500 million dollars. Perhaps, it is inexact. Though we couldn’t doubt that she is very wealthy citizen. Where is this money from? Yulia Vladimirovna was imprisoned twice, both times on charge of corruption. For the first time she left pre-trial detention center without sentence, the second time she was condemned, it’s interesting to know, if she was condemned really for nothing? Besides her former boss Lazarenko served time in jail in the USA... There is no smoke without fire.

Now two highest posts in the state are occupied by her two close colleagues - Turchinov and Yatsenyuk. It turns out that “Heavenly Hundred” tried their best for the sake of them, moreover for the sake of few oligarchs in the new government and two oligarchs governors? It is called "displace the power of oligarchs" in Ukrainian style. No other positive results of "revolution" are observed at the moment, except broken monuments.

So, what were the assets arrested for - for policy or for their corrupt origin? That is it is possible to be thief, if you have correct political orientation...


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