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The Crimea Is Already in Blockage and We Like It

The Crimea Is Already in Blockage and We Like It

Yesterday the authorities of Kiev switched off electronic systems of the Crimean division of state treasury and blocked accounts of the autonomy. "We have been just told that Ukraine blocked all system of the Crimean division of the state treasury, all accounts", - the Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimea Rustam Temirgaliyev reported to "Interfax".

This news put a lot of things on their places: if official Kiev wanted to affect somehow positively moods in the Crimea, it wouldn't leave old men without pensions and own military men without salary. It means that blocking of accounts of treasury is simply act of economy. As well as placing of posts of frontier troops in Salkovo, on approaches to the Crimea, no one places frontier guards inside the country.

We should add also cancellation of sale of tickets of “Ukrzaliznitsa" to the Crimea, detention of 3,5 thousand Russians on the border and so forth.

Obviously Andrey Illarionov is right, the day before he wrote: "All these and some more hardly noticeable strokes in the official statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia allow with high degree of probability to think that B.Obama and V. Putin during their conversation in the night of March, 7 achieved, so to say, understanding, that in exchange to non-intervention of the Russian armies to East and South Ukraine Putin receives the Crimea".

How else change of relation to the Crimean referendum from reasonable and legal position could be explained? Only that everything is solved and it’s possible not to worry about decencies and provisions of the law. In this aspect Obama, of course, strategically jumped Putin as not purely carried out annexation of the Crimea in the future threatens with revision (though there is no place to hurry and everything could be carried out competently and lawfully).

Thought the main thing, of course, is loss of continental Ukraine as the Israeli intelligent officer Jacob Kedmi truly noticed, NATO rockets near Kharkov turn the Russian missile defense system into a heap of senseless iron. If to continue analogies, world war all the same began after "Munich Agreement” and questions of tactics and strategy finally appeared more important, than the international law.

As well as before I consider that introduction of troops to the Crimea was not beginning of war, but, on the contrary, "coercion to peace", absolutely in the style of the Americans. Undoubtedly it was benefit for inhabitants of the Crimea, introduction of paramilitary groups of "Right Sector" on the peninsula would lead to real victims. Therefore demonstration in style "Say No to War!" is necessary to carry out not near the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. People in the Crimea are winners for now, it won’t last long, they received not sovereignty, but joining to far not the most comfortable for life state. In half a year protests like “let us turn back" will be heard, but it will be already late. Rhetoric of both the Russian and local officials doesn't raise doubts, results of referendum are known in advance (as well as results of all elections in the Russian Federation, so it is time to get used to it) as well as that no one will be punished for it.

Destiny of citizens of the East and the South of Ukraine causes alarm. Disunity and disorders could be noted in cities, but the state already received carte blanche for suppression and it would suppress.

Yes, citizens of Russia will try to help, but not in parallel with efforts of the state, may be even contrary to it. Meetings "Say No to War!" are quite senseless, there won't be war, but war is far not the most terrible in life. Preservation of status quo both in the Russian Federation and Ukraine will proceed after public raise. Even attempts to help citizens of the neighboring state will be suppressed, let’s recollect why Limonov was imprisoned? Only for attempt to help the Russians in Kazakhstan. Why not to start repressing for help to the Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine?

Though, of course, Putin should have avoided Stalin's mistake in Germany when the last decided not to support Telman, after all fighters of the German communists were absolutely not worse, than Rehm's fighters, history could have turned differently. Though for some reason I can’t imagine Putin's special services helping the left in Ukraine, it’s much more habitually for them to press left inside Russia. They will start doing it, in fact they already do it...


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