urhynov Deided to Forbid the Communist Party

urhynov Deided to Forbid the Communist Party

The interim Ukrainian dictator Oleksandr Turchynov declared possibility of a ban of the Communist Party of Ukraine. According to the dictator, "there are many materials concerning partnership of the Communist Party in terrorist and separatist activity". Speaking at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada he also accused the leader of the CPU Pyotr Simonenko of distribution of "the Russian promotion".

As UNN transfers, Turchynov asked the Ministry of Justice to study charges to CPU and in case of existence of bases to appeal to court with the claim about party ban.

I can completely support Mr. Turchynov in his exclusively good undertaking. Because Pyotr Simonenko's party degraded to such an extent that its ban will undoubtedly do good to the communistic movement in Ukraine. Especially the mere fact of ban: closing of operating parliamentary Communist Party will be the last element of a puzzle after which Kiev’s junta ould be called fascist without any ommas. For the sake it I don’t feel any pity for Simonenko’s party.

Darya Mitina writes: "After all those areas which gave the CPU the greatest number of voices - Lugansk, the Crimea, Donetsk - already won't vote in general, in other pro-Russian and left focused areas the left electorate will boycott elections. What Petya (Simonenko - editor's note) counts on?? I don’t feel pity for Petya and his fat deputies, though I think it’s a trouble that the Communist Party will be forbidden in the former Ukraine".

Actually it’s not a big trouble. Simonenko's lime Communist Party as business project will be substituted by some real party, say, same "Borotba". Short stay in underground can only strengthen the party. Why short? Because junta is already obviously in permanent hysterics and government an’t live ling in condition of hysterics. As Taleyran told, bayonets is excellent thing, but it is impossible to sit on them. We already saw what bayonets the Ukrainian forces have.

There is only one unpleasant thing – for some time part of Ukraine submitting to Kiev will have to live conditions of terror. Hysterical terror and therefore especially dangerous.

I have already start doubting, whether Turchynov’s clique will allow to hold rather full-fledged elections on May, 25 and whether it will delegate the power to Poroshenko who obviously dislikes Turchynov. Poroshenko has already declared that in case he would be eleted, he would dismiss the Verkhovna Rada and Turchynov with Co can appear in pre-trial detention center instead of the electoral company. It, as we may judge, is the main reason of hysteria, not failures on the "east front" where Ukrainian military men have already started digging entrenchments equipping new border along Donetsk and Lugansk areas.


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