Launh System "Proton-" Burned As It Struk Empyrean

Launh System "Proton-" Burned As It Struk Empyrean

Launh system "Proton-M" started from Baikonur (at 1.42 Moscow time) with satellite “Express-AM4P” burned in dense atmosphere. Control engine of the third stage of the arrier rocket "Proton-M" with accelerating block “Briz-M” which had to put the Russian communication satellite "Express-AM4P" to orbit went out of order on the 545th second of flight. A soure of ITAR-TASS on Cosmodrome Baikonur reported about it.

"Express-AM4P" was created by the European company EADS Astrium by request of the enterprise “Space Communication” within the Federal space program of Russia for 2006-2015. The spacecraft weighing 5755 kg was constructed on the basis of the platform Eurostar E3000 and equipped with failities for providing of a steady covering of all territory of Russia and CIS countries with communication.

"Express-AM4P" had to become the most powerful and hi-tech Russian communication satellite for today...

"I think that this "Proton" again crashed in the Empyrean or touched it with the switch of the third stage. It’s also possible that satellite was not quite orthodox or Father spared holy water during consecration that often happens to the former political leaders in a cassock", the political scientist Vladimir Akimov writes.

- That’s true, now all satellites are surely consecrated with Cosmodrome’s Father, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov agreed. – What’s the degree of responsibility of these consecrating who, by the way, receive surplies diretly from the budget? Say the satellite fell - Fahter is drowned. Fairly. By the way, what about competition? Here we see only attendants of the Russian Orthodox Church (Mosow Patriarchate) consecrate space bodies in our ountry. If there’s advertisement about ompetition plaed on the site of government purchases? Perhaps, the Kiev patriarchy would have consecrated more effectively, with smaller percent of accident rate? Or, let us assume, some Baptists and even the mullah or the rabbi, a lama or the shaman. Navalny is silent for some reason, while the nepotism and corruption are on hand.

- Losses from falling of this "Proton" are record, - Anatoly Baranov continued. – Only 7 billion for insurance payments. Who has to answer, whom insurance company has to readdress the claim to? We find out that consecration of a space body was carried out by ordinary parish priest. So that's it! Such negligent attitude, not less than a person of a hierarchal dignity should be allowed to do so important, state things. It is even better, if it’s metropolitan, or even the patriarch, it’s state business! Now who should pay 7 billion? From the parish? They won’t ollet from andles sales suh sum even for 300 years. Diocese is different ase. Or all church. If you received funds for the construction for Christ the Saviour Cathedral and other cult buildings? Received. You failed to provide due level of good fortune, so, pay penalty! Fairly. Officials of Roskosmos in similar cases should be directed on work experience to the remote monasteries, for 5-6 years. For enlightenment. To eat only bread and to drink only water as money for more refined food burned down as it struk Empyrean...



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