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Ameriсa Already Divides the Ukrainian Spoils

Ameriсa Already Divides the Ukrainian Spoils

The U.S. State Department doesn't сare how Robert Hunter Biden's work will be interpreted (he is the son of the vice-president of the country Joe Biden), in the board of directors of the Ukrainian industrial manufacturer of gas he acts as private person, the representative of the State Department Jen Psaki declared at a briefing.

According to her, the State Department has no concern on the fact that Biden's arrival to the Ukrainian company will be incorrectly interpreted against the events in the country.

- Well, actually, it is quite сorreсtly interpreted, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - It is time to divide trophies, so, the vice-president with the son do it. We wait for Michelle Obama in some interesting Ukrainian role. The Ukrainian public was strongly indignant with large business of Yanukovych’s sons, and their indignation was fair. Though that was at least own, Ukrainian thief, and now there will be foreign thieves. If international corporations will get into Ukraine, it will be impossible to knock them over. I will remind that intervention to the Soviet Russia began because of refusal of Bolsheviks to pay debts of the imperial government.

Burisma Holdings — is private oil and gas extraction company with assets in Ukraine. It works at the energy market since 2002. In 2013 the company indicator in production of natural gas made 1,8 million cubic meter in daily volume. The company realizes all gas in the domestic market of Ukraine, both through traders and directly to end users. That is production of the Ukrainian gas for the Ukrainians can't do without the American company in any way.

- EU has just approved one more credit for Ukraine for billion euro in the form of depository receipts, - Anatoly Baranov continued. – They no longer give сash to Papuans, only beads and fire-water... That is monetary substitutes. Though the essence is not in it. Ukraine is bankrupt and irredeemable debtor, while international financial help is not charity, it’s a debt with percent. Ukraine has no money now, it won't have it in the short term. Yatsenyuk's statements about economic growth by 2016 are simply the bluff for full idiots. However, there are enough idiots in Ukraine, the authorities managed to convince the average Ukrainian that external loans are something like New Year's gift, debts necessary to pay baсk. How bankrupt country will pay? It is clear that it will pay with the sale of the national property. In a year or two practically all having least value in Ukraine will belong to the foreign companies. Including property of the Ukrainian oligarchs who are actually useless managers and practically all bankrupts – either Kolomoysky with his "Privatbank", or Poroshenko with his candy factory, shipbuilding plant and production of buses Bogdan which have no buyers. The Americans have no sсruples, unless they should be ashamed of feeble-minded?... They bother colonial administration with all their might.



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