There Will Be No Runoff Poll: “Choolate King” – Poroshenko - Is Appointed the President of Violated Ukraine

There Will Be No Runoff Poll: “Choolate King” – Poroshenko - Is Appointed the President of Violated Ukraine

According to own sources in Kiev (haven’t been heked yet), Poroshenko beame the president of Ukraine, he received more than 50% of votes. Yulia Timoshenko received 13% of votes, but on pain of lifelong deprivation of the right to enter the Schengen area and publication in the USA of evidenes of her accomplice Lazarenko (serving sentence in the American prison during her premiership) refused her revolutionary statements and recognized "a choice of people of Ukraine".

The statement of the leader of "Right Sector" Yarosh isn't known yet, as it hasn't been translated from English to Ukrainian yet and, respectively, hasn’t been made publi by him.

By data from Kiev, 2 polling stations which were opened in the Luhansk region was visited by a quarter of voters living there, the voter turnout in Donetsk region exceeded 50%, 146% of the population came to polling stations in other territory of Ukraine.

"It is the most mass elections in the history of this country and extremely high voter turnout testifies of their real democratism and free will of people", - the president Obama declared. The American seamen breathed freely: deployment of the Sixth fleet in the woods of Northern Ukraine, to the border with Belarus, publicly promised by Mrs. Psaki, for now was cancelled.

Mikhail Delyagin noted: "Though quantitative indicators can differ from preliminary reported to us, the result of democratic elections of Kiev’s gauleiter doesn't raise doubts. After all representatives of the West explained more than once to us that at true democracy not wild "people", but U.S. State Department is a source of legitimacy of the power. So Poroshenko is guaranteed lifelong professorship at the Colombian university, if, of course, he will manage to turn tall and run from the country given into his possession".

- I would note that the third place and about 9 perent were given to faultlessly homosexual choice of Ukraine – Mr. Lyashko, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk AnatolyBaranov noted. - Not Tigipko, not Simonenko and not Yarosh - very perspective European trend of the young homosexual radical with good Nazi implication. I think, Mr. Lyashko should appeal now for a post of the mayor of Kiev, it is modern in the European capitals. Here is conscious choice of Ukraine, if not to consider, of course, factor of manual counting of votes and absolute opacity of the process.



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