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Geopolitics or Swindling?

Geopolitics or Swindling?
Tatyana Volkova 03.06.2014

Diligently spread idea that the USA and Europe are on one side of barricades in the Ukrainian conflict isn't true. One of the last naive knights of cold war Richard Pipes complains: "Europe is weak. First of all it thinks of economic benefit, instead of world politics. We think more using political categories and Europe — economic... It is weakness because it is necessary to be guided not by economy, but by policy on the world scene".

In confidential conversations with representatives of business community within the country the American politicians persistently advance an idea that intervention into events in Ukraine is caused by geopolitical reasons. Allegedly the USA seek to hammer a wedge between Europe, first of all Germany, on the one hand and Russia on the other to prevent appearance of economic union stretching from Beijing through Moscow to Berlin in the mid-run. Similar structure, no matter if it will be formalized on paper or simply realized in practice, will reject the USA on a roadside and will turn it into the country of the third grade.

Similar fears for the destiny of weakening American hegemony in the international relations, and also for survival of the American economy have bases therefore the Americans, contrary to expectations, agree to pay for war in Ukraine at own expense.

The task facing the European Union is more modest. Many Europeans see strategic advantages of economic cooperation with Russia and with China, however tactically, in the short-run they are disturbed by the Eurasian Economic Union EaU possessing serious competitive potential, capable to cause damage to the European interests in the important markets. Certainly the Europeans and first of all the Germans still fight for certain niches in these markets traditional for them, such as cars of the highest price segment, however even here they could be pressed up by east Asian producers.

Therefore the Europeans close eyes to the most rough violations of the international law and international obligations from the part of the Ukrainian government and its American allies, including the Joint Statement accepted on April, 17 in Geneva: "Agreement connected with rather prime concrete steps aiming de-escalation of intensity and restoration of safety of all citizens was reached by the results of a meeting in Geneva dedicated to a situation in Ukraine. All parties undertook to refrain from every form of violence, intimidation or provocative actions. Participants of the meeting resolutely condemned and rejected all manifestations of extremism, racism and religious intolerance... ".

Application of the Ukrainian army against own people in the Southeast of the country is theoretically inadmissible within the framework of the European representations, but it’s not pressed only owing to the American pressure in practice. The longer and more intensively this pressure is, the more densely it drives a wedge between the USA and Europe, however the American authorities pretend they don't notice it.

The matter is that the top American management simply fulfills the order of their sponsors for pumping of means arriving both from the foreign governments and from home competitors to the accounts of dozen of corporations manipulating the White House, State Department and intelligence services. Heads of these institutes consciously neglect state interests operating on the party of their sponsors, whereas the most part of other personnel, as well as representatives of business bearing burden of expenses are used blindly.

In many respects thanks to that messages about background of this activity are successfully blocked by mass media and search systems similar swindles appeared already to be successful in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and a set of other places. It is curious that the Russian search systems participate in this "conspiracy of silence".

Probably it happens because in the Kremlin prefer to watch with derisive curiosity how several multinational corporations exclusively for the sake of profit from the contracts directly or indirectly connected with war not only destroy others countries, but also radically undermine positions of the USA. Some of corporations standing behind the conflicts already transferred their headquarters from the USA to other countries, in particular, to Dubai.

Position of puppeteers of the White House opens wide, but not boundless opportunities. Despite certain signs of some revival of economy the U.S. Government is bankrupt. The budget is not rubber and expenses on peace projects, especially within the country, are controlled not badly. Optimum “monetization” method of influence on Capitol Hill is "a black hole" of the armed conflict abroad. War will write off everything, while "protection of democracy", "the American way of life", "human rights" and "rescue of people" allows mobilization of practically not accountable means.

Creation of such "black hole" on the place of Ukraine (Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan) has additional invaluable benefit. Here it is possible to speak in addition about solving of "geopolitical tasks", such as "control over Russia" and in confidence with "insiders" about neutralization of the European competitors. It is possible to get more money for it. Certainly, nobody is going to solve any tasks except one: escalation of conflicts so that to get more money on the quiet.

While, unfortunately, there are no signs that “outsiders” in America started to understand what’s going on. It happens due to effectively carried out propaganda which turned many fairly clever people into some similarity of adherents of totalitarian sect. Or, maybe, it’s fortunately? It depends who we are talking about. The Ukrainians, at any rate, shouldn't expect positive changes, whereas negative ones are not far off. The same, however, refers to the Americans. While several swindlers will make good money on blood.

Probably, Richard Pipes is right and one should be guided not by economy, but by policy on the world scene. However, in order that the USA start solving tasks which their state has – no matter political or economic, they need to get rid of puppeteers pulling threads of puppets in the White House, State Department and CIA. As well as from the propaganda parrots like the same Richard Pipes.

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