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"Brothas" Close Gas

"Brothas" Close Gas

Bulgaria stops work on the project South Stream till elimination of comments of the European Commission. It was reported by the prime minister of Bilgaria Plamen Oresharski about it today at a briefing following the results of meeting with the American senators. "We received inquiry from the European Commission, we suspended current work, it was my order. Further course of works will be defined after additional consultations with Brussels," — the prime minister told.

Perhaps, it’s really asymmetric reply of the European Union to the Ukrainian crisis. Putin frightens to be asymmetric, while eurobureaucrats already are asymmetric. They aren't confused that thereby they have themselves by the throat. They answer to all questions: it is even more convenient to us.

It was told long ago that we should stop pumping of gas via the Ukrainian GTS. To declare Europe that we will give them gas, when South Stream will be ready. Now you should stay without it. Winters are warm now. Russia has no financial opportunity to supply Ukraine with gas free of charge. If Europe will chip in and pay for the Ukrainian debts, then you are welcome – pump gas through Ukraine. Now - no, it’s impossible...

By the way, I still don't understand why spiteful terrorists (they are called so in Europe on the tip from Kiev) didn't blow up the Ukrainian GTS? After all there’s such degree of vulnerability, it’s not even nuclear power plant. It’s necessary to know how to blow nuclear power plant, while everyone can do it with GTS.

I don't even imagine consequences of explosion of enormous underground storages in the western Ukraine... Simply horrible.

Then construction of South Stream becomes the major problem not of Russia, but of Europe.

By the way, about question of handshakes, I don’t care Putin's offenses. But in this case all Russia, all of us – “Colorados” were offended in Normandy in his face. I think also that the next president of Russia, whoever he will be, will begin communication with the European leaders following ancient Russian custom - exposing ass for a kiss. In particular to "brothas”...




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