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Ukraine without Brennan

Ukraine without Brennan
Tatyana Volkova 11.06.2014

Messages about the Ukrainian crisis don't descend from the front pages of newspapers. If to judge on the rate of mentions of such names as Barack Obama, Petro Poroshenko, Angela Merkel and other high-ranking officials in this regard, there’s an impression that these people are behind the tragic events. In is possible to say in their protection that in real life everything is much simpler.

Events in Ukraine – operation of CIA. Till Saturday June, 7, 2014 they were directed the director of CIA John Brennan. Despite numerous loud failures, such as capture of Gregory Goodman by militants, two secret arrivals of Mr. Brennan to Kiev incognito for negotiations about release of that employee became known to the whole world and also some other, less known stories, the director kept his post.

In any case, president Obama twice trying to dismiss Brennan didn’t succeeded. However sponsors standing both behind the White House and war in Ukraine have too big rates to entrust control over the Ukrainian operation to a person who hasn't coped with it would seem trivial assignment. It is impossible to dismiss Brennan, without having knocked operating administration down, however, if it will reach excessively, these people can afford themselves to buy new administration whereas Mr. Brennan will hardly manage to get himself new life.

However nobody is interested in extremes and thanks God it hasn’t reached it. By and large it doesn’t matter to sponsors who hold the post of the director of CIA, until their business interests don't suffer. A week ago there was an attempt to appoint the curator of the Ukrainian operation Andrew Warren (Andrew Marvin Warren). Just little was required: to organize his early release on parole.

As well as Mr. Brennan, Mr. Warren converted to Islam, however unlike Mr. Brennan Mr. Warren prefers women. Despite good skills in combat sports Mr. Warren usually achieves successes with the help of tranquilizers, though not always. Two local victims one of whom he raped, having dragged home and the other — to the territory of the American Embassy, gave evidences against him in Algeria where he held post of the resident of CIA.

The American Embassy possesses exterritoriality for Algerians, but the American laws somehow work there. Mr. Warren got rid of a life imprisonment by recharacterization of charges and on June, 7, 2010 within frameworks of immunity agreement pled guilty in one episode of offensive sexual contacts and illegal use of cocaine at firearms possession. On March, 3, 2011 the judge Ellen Segal Huvelle sentenced Andrew Warren to 65 months of imprisonment. To the term which the prosecutor asked to appoint she added about two years on the ground that the criminal expected to avoid punishment using fear of the victim to give evidences and also thanks to the diplomatic immunity. Judges aren't obliged to meet conditions of agreements between the accused and prosecutors, however, they break them extremely seldom and it was such case.

On June, 2, 2014 Mrs. Huvelle took up a post of the senior judge of the United States District Court across the district of Columbia. Two days prior to it she was visited by very important people who referring to the most important people, and also to the highest state interests asked her consent to early release of Andrew Warren on parole. Mrs. Huvelle answered that (I quote): "All of you can go to hell, I am leaving this post in two days and this bastard will decay in prison till last day of the term".

That was the end of the attempt to appoint the new head of Ukraine, I'm sorry, of the Ukrainian operation of the USA instead of John Brennan. It appeared to be big blow for sponsors: reasonable person whom you pulled out from prison, and at any time are able to return back already for whole life is inclined to listen to wishes of his well-doers.

Nevertheless nature abhors a vacuum. On June, 7 duumvirate was appointed to be the Supreme management of the American activity in Ukraine instead of John Brennan, it consists of the former resident, present director of SAD/SOG John Stockwell (not to confuse with the author of book "In Search of Enemies" serving in Angola as John R. Stockwell) and the former employee with special skills, present director of SAD/PAG Timothy Rockwell.

The Special Activities Division (SAD) of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) of the USA consists of two divisions: SAD/SOG — Group of special operations of SAD and SAD/PAG — Group of political actions of SAD.

The group of special operations under the leadership of John Stockwell is responsible for collection of intelligence information in the hostile countries and regions, and also for the most risky military or intelligence operations with which the U.S. Government doesn't wish to reveal connection. Members of the group fall into employees of operations of paramilitary forces and employees with special skills. Usually they have with them no subjects allowing to connect them with public service of the United States. If these agents in the process of carrying out of their mission appear under threat, the U.S. Government claims that has no relation to them.

The group of political actions of Timothy Rockwell is responsible for secret operations connected with political influence, psychological operations, economic and cyberwar. Tactical divisions of SAD/PAG carry out secret political activity in hostile conditions. Large-scale secret operations, such as the one carried out now in Ukraine, as a rule, combine many or all these categories and also operations of paramilitary forces. In the past the group was already caught by the hand in connection with manipulation with the American mass media.

John Brennan didn't justify trust of the customers of the Ukrainian actions and he had to tell his Ukrainian "partners" that he’s very occupied, but they had no reasons for concern: he appointed two reliable guys instead of himself. Question who appoints whom and for whom John Stockwell and Timothy Rockwell are reliable guys and for whom not so reliable will in big degree affect destiny of Ukraine.



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