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Saddam Hussein’s Shadow over Baraсk Obama

Saddam Hussein’s Shadow over Baraсk Obama

Strangely enough, but the main news for today is not from Ukraine, but from Iraq. Fighters of absolutely exotic "Islamic State of Iraq and Levant" not only took million Mosul, but also Samarra and Saddam Hussein’s native town Tikrit, they stopped literally in 150 kilometers from Baghdad with obvious intention to continue movement and to take soon the capital.

Certainly, globality of the occurring events strikes, tanks storm cities of Donbass, bombs fall already in one and a half hundred kilometers from Rostov to the Russian territory. At the same time, the same in general tanks and the armored personnel carrier of the Ukrainian production stand on the bank of the great river, leaning gun on a shadow of the former capital of Assyria.

However, there’s in other side - the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the first black president of America has to recognize now that having make harm to Europe and Russia with Ukraine he can't answer a question why the Americans fought in Iraq for so many year? Why did they execute Saddam Hussein, if Islamists of the same flood as Al-Qaeda would come to the power right before withdrawal of the Americans from this country? Or the USA is going to return and seize Baghdad again as well as Mosul and Fallujah?

How will Obama withdraw armies from Afghanistan now, if it will become there сoller, than at Taliban right after leaving of the Americans?

There is, of course, such point of view that America now has such strategy - to appear everywhere, to harm everywhere and then to look from far what will happen next. However there’s also domestic policy and the Americans still have the right of vote, they still haven’t entered sovereign democracy, that is they can ask about the reason of eating shit for many years to find out that there’re still a lot of it there, the more so it was done absolutely without profit.

Now following logic the USA have either to throw all in the Middle East up to Afghanistan and get concentrated in Ukraine, then it will be clear that Russia, China, Iran and Turkey together with the states of Central Asia will have to solve the trouble stirred by the Americans, while America won't return there anymore. Or it will be necessary to do something in the east, but then it is necessary to coordinate actions with Moscow somehow, as supply of armies of NATO in Central Asia "hangs" without base in Ulyanovsk and railway deliveries through the Russian Federation. You will agree that it is difficult to sign sanctions against the country on which supply of your task group completely depends.


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