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"Poroshenko’s Peace Plan”: Disarm and Hand over

"Poroshenko’s Peace Plan”: Disarm and Hand over

The Ukrainian security officers unilaterally will cease fire in the east of the country to give chance to members of illegal armed groups to disarm, and to leave the country to those who want, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared. "Plan begins from my order about unilateral ceasefire. Immediately after that we have to get support of peace plan of the president from all participants of the events on Donbass. In very short terms", - Poroshenko told to the journalists on Wednesday in Kiev.

According to him, period of ceasefire will be very short, disarmament of militants and establishing of the order in the region should take place during this period.

- As it was supposed, Poroshenko offered objectionable plan and now will start saying that militants rejected peace initiatives, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Position of militants isn't so bad to agree on capitulation and Poroshenko suggests to capitulate. Without conditions, without negotiations and in the shortest terms. In fact it’s a fraud. What else could be awaited from the billionaire who made his first big money on smuggling? If to take into account that vast majority of militants are locals for whom "new order" of Kolomoysky's battalions is absolutely unacceptable, the answer of the defending party is clear. It means that war for independence of Donbass will proceed and the scale and geography of operations after "peace initiatives" of Poroshenko will extend. It is interesting to look now at those who voted for "chocolate hare" hoping for peace...

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