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Poroshenko Will Re-Create Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Instead of the USSR

Poroshenko Will Re-Create Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Instead of the USSR

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania agreed about creation joint military crew in the near future. The head of the state Petro Poroshenko and the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk discussed the matter on Monday, July, 14 during telephone conversation. Poroshenko also suggested Poland to join the program of creation of workplaces in the territories of Donbass left by militants.

Besides, the president of Ukraine supported acceleration of help from Warsaw, in particular, transfers of bullet-proof vests through the Polish customs. Tusk, in his turn, agreed with the need of simplification of procedures and settlement of the question. As agency UNIAN reports, he supported idea of creation of joint military crew and Poroshenko's position concerning regulation of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine.

For today the number of inhabitants of the southeast of Ukraine who asked for asylum in Poland this year increased several tens times. According to the press secretary of Aliens Authority of the country Ewa Pechota, since January, 1st, 2014 they registered 908 appeals, whereas only 46 were registered previous year. "Situation with citizens of Ukraine who have asked for status of refugee is the following: no positive decision is made, 58 cases have been stopped, 106 got refusals," — she explained.

- Actually, idea of creation of some unclear joint division, which will have no idea how and whom to submit isn't so interesting as Poroshenko's proposal to Poland to begin commercial reclamation of "freed" territories of Donbass, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. – It very much reminds northern territories of Iraq which the USA used for payment with Poland for participation in the Iraq campaign. I will remind that bloody war in Iraq was formally began by three countries - the USA, Great Britain and Poland. There was little help from the Poles, approximately as from the Neapolitan kingdom in the Crimean war, but moral aspect also demands expenses. Thus mode in Kiev will pay to the Poles for their position in the question of the southeast, at the same time Lithuania will also get something.

- Let’s note that for some reason people don’t hurry to run to "liberators" to Poland, - Anatoly Baranov continued. – It’s seems that it’s the country of the EU and NATO, dream of Kiev’s intellectuals, while less than one thousand people asked for the status and, by the way, were refused. There’s nothing to feed own people. While queues can be seen at the customs of "invaders", about 400 thousand people left Ukraine, only about 25 thousand people live in camps in the Rostov region. Naturally, such "natural losses" of the population of Donbass should be compensated. One of the variants – with Polish colonists. Poland is poor country, it’s clear that no one from Germany will go to master Donbass, while nation of guest workers, "plumbers Peters" quite can turn into the nation of colonialists. To get full picture of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth it is only necessary to supply colonists with necessary number of lackeys from locals... So that lackeys don't revolt the joint military crew is necessary, where two thirds of the structure will be members of NATO.

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