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Well, Capital Metro Started Crashing?

Well, Capital Metro Started Crashing?
Кalashnikov Maxim 16.07.2014

At the time the Kremlin wastes tens billion dollars on soccer, stadiums and other "time dregs"


Catastrophe in the capital metro on July, 2014 (and it’s not the first incident in Moscow metro for last year) – sign of extreme wear of difficult technical system. Life support system. I emphasize: it happens in Moscow, show-window of the Russian Federation, not in some province. Power digs trillion rubles into the Sochi Olympic Games, football stadiums for carrying out of "World Cups", wastes great lot of money on hired players and trainers. Well, you got into a mess, the Kremlin slugs? I warned long ago: it’s necessary to make investments into vital for the nation infrastructure. While you, having dug 50 billion c.u. into necessary to no one Sochi merrymaking, are ready to waste other 20 billion dollars on sport show-off.

As the historian I was taught in 1983: when Ancient Egypt instead of construction of irrigation canals and expansion of agrarian grounds wasted hip of forces on pyramids, Ancient kingdom died as a result of sharp crisis. I remember that article in "Science and Life" very well! The same destiny waits the Russian Federation: as soon as means go to useless constructions, instead of technosphere, instead of life support systems and infrastructure.

Just think, Muscovites: tomorrow your wives or children, brothers or sisters, fathers or mothers can go out towards their death in metro. They can die with broken backbone or to be crushed under a heap. Terrible death … I don’t even talk about fire in the tunnel. After all cable property of the metro is old, worn-out …


It is obvious that the power failed here as well. It has no economic consciousness. Thrust your stadiums into your bum. I always said and say: the Sochi Olympic Games and all these championships - university games are heinous social and economic crime of the power, squandering of resources of the nation. Your stadiums, obviously, have to stay among disorder, physical wear and zones of demographic catastrophe. Only in the Briansk region population decreased by 100 thousand since 2004 and by quarter of a million from 1989! In general the Russian Federation lost 13 million people from 1991. Well, build more stadiums, dwarfs. I always said that hegemony of thieves and clumsy cynics-simulators is fatally (and integrally!) hostile to difficult technical systems and industry. So, you can try your best to represent new Stalin – you are far from him, to put it mildly, as from the Moon.

You are doomed to, having wasted trillions, bring the Russian Federation to a chain of technogenic catastrophes – catastrophes of physical wear. There will be victims, alas, among innocent. In the end crash waits for you, dull bonzes. Hierarchs of degradation. Technogenic disaster will organically add your defeat in Novorossiya and economic crisis made by you.

Having exhausted and devastated, having worn out Russia, you throw nearly one trillion rubles on construction of nuclear power plant in Hungary and Turkey. You give credits to Cyprus. You are ready to waste tens more billion dollars on next show-off: creation of Reserve Fund of BRIC countries. You don’t wish to invest only own country. Well, you will have to pay for everything.

I have extreme respect for those Brazilians who went to the streets of own country with protests against football and championship marasmus. Unlike the Russians they have enough brains to demand construction of hospitals, schools, roads and workplaces instead of stadiums. These sarcophagi for nation resources …


Catastrophe in the Moscow metro highlights one more – deeper and more terrible – layer of disaster. It is the deepest arkhaization of thinking of ruling clique of the Russian Federation, its sliding into primitive shamanizm. Being adherent of psychohistory according to Gary Seldon I am deeply disturbed. Governors with such psychology doom the Russian Federation to shameful end.

I will explain it on the example of sport projects. They are really prestige of the country. Though there is logic of the rational, industrial and scientific person of the XX century. Let’s conditionally call it Stalin-Roosevelt’s. I am its carrier. According to it, I develop the country at first, develop new industry and the most advanced agriculture, organize excellent system of social security, give the country excellent roads. Only then, having provided surplus of resources and sated life to people, I start building stadiums and hold the Olympic Games. So to speak, from surplus of wealth.

There’s also logic of new Papuan of post-modern XXI century. Its carriers – tops of the Russian Federation. So, on their Papuan and shaman logic it is necessary to build at first stadiums and hold universal games, paying no attention to the fact that you have sick and dying out people, weak industry, becoming rotten housing and communal services, no roads under construction, etc. That is, the content is completely replaced with form, symbol and visibility replace reality. Consequence swaps places with reason. It is necessary to present great country, instead of being it. Not to win war against Hitler, but to organize victory parade when the Germans are near Moscow. Full shamanizm!

Those people who lay claim to return status of the great power to Russia have such savage thinking, it predetermines crash of the Russian Federation. It’s coming. In the form of the same wear of metro. Then, probably, water supply system with sewerage. Unless crowned neo-Papuans can create industry of the future? They are incapable to support systems of the XX century…

Moscow already saw it …

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